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Osprey back in action

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We have had an on going issue with Osprey. As posted before we lost an engine due to fuel starvation on the port engine.

We have changed the fuel filters found a small air leek but evrytime we took it to Breydon waters for a test after about 400 yards under load it would happen again.

After a lot of head scratching we noticed that the hand primer on the fuel pump did not feel right so we looked at it and then noticed well Jonathan did that the fuel pipes had been plumbed in wrong ( the pipe came from the fuel tank to the fuel pump then to the pre filter and then on to the engine filters then the deisel pump) so any crap from the tank went through the pump. So we stripped it down and found that the non return valves were marked up. we then took the pump to our friendly engineering shop (thanks Wayne and Tracy) where they re faced the valves and seats.

Today we finished servicing the engines, re routed the fuel pipes. ( by the way when i purchased the boat the broakers put all new fuel pipes on for the boat safety hhmmmm not pleased)

This lunch time Me and Wayne took Osprey up to Breydon again and wow we hit 26 knots one way and averaged 24 knots in both directions so I was over the moon and Osprey is 28 years old now and full of our stuff and is still acheiving the same top speed as they did when they were new with the 235hp engines.

Jonathan and Wayne (hope your legs ok Wayne :naughty: )thanks for the help im very happy with the old girl now.

cheersbar Barry

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Good to hear the old girl is going again Baz, take it that means me and Mark will have another boat to keep us company in our 20 knots plus cruising. cheersbar

I will be waiting with captain slow and the weather man but if we get up to a 5 or 6 I will open the taps and see if you lads can follow ;)

cheers thanks everyone Barry

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