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Brian J.

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Hi, could anyone advise me on the advisability of having an annode fitted to my boat when cruising the Broads. I do not have a salty bottom! I have an annode fitted but have never changed it as I only cruised the fresh water Thames.

The annode, which is fixed to the rudder, seems to be a bit corroded, but that is only to be expected I suppose as to my knowledge it has not been changed in the last six years. :?:?

Brian J.

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Anodes as follows:-

Totally fresh water = Magnesium

Part salt/part fresh (brackish) = Aluminium

Salt water = Zinc

Aluminium is the best bet to cover all of the Broads.

Magnesium would be extremely over active and dissolve fast in the Gt. Yarmouth area.


p.s. if I have made any mistakes, you can be sure that someone will be along soon to correct them

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I agree with Steve except that if you are mooring in a freshwater area (this is after all where the boat sits for most of its life even if you use it most weekends and for a longer holiday in summer) I would go for magnesium and keep a close eye on it for the first few months in case there are any stray currents in the marina, if you are not connected to shore power then that will be less of an issue.

Here is a link to a useful tick box tool that will help anybody select the correct hull anode(s), there is a separate one for engine anodes. Its M G Duff, anodes are all they do and what they don’t know is not worth knowing. :grin:


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No. GRP Freeman 23, brass and bronze underwater fittings. Old man Freeman knew a thing or two. Have arranged for an aluminium anode to be fitted just to be on the safe side. Brian J. :grin::grin:

I really hope they are not brass :o if you are erring on the side of safety then you should be using Mag where you are going to be moored, also make sure all the underwater fottings are "bonded" to the anodes.

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Col, Hi

I replied to this thread about an hour ago......... must have hit the wrong key?

We bought Friday Girl from Barnes Brinkcraft a year ago and I asked Matthew Thwaites that question. He said they'd never fitted them and hadn't ever had problems.. perhaps it's because Wroxham is fresh water and hire boats don't usually have shore-power fitted?

By the by, where was HJ11 last week when we passed Reedham?

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