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Bilge cable

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I would like to run a cable under the floor on the yacht. The floor is only an inch or two over the water level in the bilge. Looking at the BSS on electrical wiring running a cable through a bilge is not allowed as I believe the insulation on a cable will degrade. I was thinking about running the cable in a plastic flexible duct but is this allowed?

Any thoughts welcome.


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Assuming 12v DC

I can't see how they could object if it were in a waterproof conduit provided it's above the normal bilge level Ian, even if it is only a couple of inches, BS EN ISO 10133:2001 Small craft-Electrical systems- Extra low voltage installations, states that “if conductors must be run in bilge areas the wiring and connections shall be in an IP67 enclosure, in accordance with IEC 60529, as a minimum and there shall be no connection below the foreseeable water levelâ€

NMEA 400 standards for Marine Electronic Equipment used on moderate sized vessels just says it should be above the expected bilge level.

BMEA Code of Practice is the same as ISO 10133.

So unless the BSS think they know better ...............................

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can,t see a problem if the ends of the duct/tube terminates above the waterline,trouble is this will create a "u" ,you would have to seal the ends up to stop a puddle forming inside the duct, this stuff would last a while http://www.arco.co.uk/1/1/2705-arcoflex ... x60mm.html .Is there no way you could run it around the gunwhale ??

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Just checked my BSS document and, at least by the way I interpret it you don't even need a conduit as it's more like the NMEA 0400 than the ISO (though it refers to the ISO)

BSS wording; "All electrical cables connections either must be above bilge water level, or, protected by a watertight enclosure meeting the IP 67 standard."

So if it's above the bilge water level, there you go. :grin:

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That sounds just what I wanted to hear.

If I did run the (12v)cable around the gunwhale it will be at least 10m long against 2m and involve cutting holes in bulkheads.

BS EN ISO 10133:2001 :love


And considerably reduce the volts available at the other end. :naughty:

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Hi Ian,

If you are going to run the cable in flexible ducting, give me a shout. I buy loads of the stuff and it only costs a fiver a bag including fittings cheers

Edit: 1 bag = 10 metres and its black nitrile material

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