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Today is 9/11.I remember the day here was a very bright sunny day.The sort of day to make you feel all was well with the world.That was soon to disappear, with the horror coming from New York.At first I think there was a disbelief that such a thing could  happen.Our Daughter was contracted to UBS,and they had calls from the twin towers knowing that it was the end.

A day that so many died,many trying to help others.So just spare a moment to remember  those that died in such a dreadful way.

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Was on a rig off West Africa on that day with a whole bunch of Americans. CNN News was on in the background and we thought they were running a movie. Then the reality dawned.

Terrible day. 

Lots of those guys had flights back to the States that day as well, which was of course all disrupted.

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Really sad day.     When we lived in Kent we played bowls at Maidstone and one of the ladies there lost her son in the twin towers, unfortunately she also lost her husband who had a heart attack over the loss of their only son.        6 months later she was offered his remains that had been found.   At the time I thought this was most unnecessary and it caused so much distress.      I suppose the authorities dont know what to do in these circumstances for the best.

So yes later we will raise a glass to a generation of talent that was lost that day.  God rest their souls.


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I was on a course in Berkshire, after a tea break the speaker announced it, like RW I didn’t think it was real at first but an exercise intro... then it began to sink in, even more so once I’d got to a bar with a tv to watch it unfold. Definitely a JFK moment, by coincidence not design I got married on the same date so another reason why I never forget, a day of joy and sadness in one.

Long may we continue to remember the victims and continue to fight against terrorism in their memory.

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7 minutes ago, MauriceMynah said:

It might have more 'recognition' next year.

I was going to say the same. I am sure next year will bring some kind of rememberance.


14 minutes ago, RealWindmill said:

Wonder why all the news media outlets are ignoring this ? seen nothing on BBC ITV CNN RT or any of them.

Any thoughts?

I really can't believe it will be 20 years next year.

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I awoke laying on the floor in an unfamiliar house. A small black and white television playing in the background. I tried to cast my mind back to the previous evening. I'd moved into the new house. Nipped out to grab a couple of cans of beer and a curry. I could remember pulling the tab on the first can...and then nothing.  I had a hell of a headache, but I was comfortable and grabbed a cushion from the sofa for a pillow to watch TV. It seemed to be one of those special BBC dramas like 'Threads' where they had recruited real newscasters to make the plot more plausible. Although it was a good movie, after a couple of hours it got boring. Besides which, I was hungry and my head was really hurting. I needed some paracetamol, coffee and something to eat.

I limped into the town that was my new home. I'd only been out of hospital for a week after a major operation on my spine. People were starring, but I put this down to being a stranger in a small town. I walked into Weatherspoons in search of some food. I got to the bar and tried to make my order, but they refused to serve me. Worse still, they asked me to leave and then barred me. By now my head was really hurting and I was really hungry, I was sure I could smell curry. The only other place open was WH Smiths. They might have sandwiches. I asked at the till if they did...and they threw me out for being drunk.

My head was now banging, I was really, really hungry and I needed a coffee badly. I made my way home to find my Dad, Uncle Albert, waiting for me outside of terrace house I had recently rented.
"Look at the state of you!" he exclaimed pushing me into his car after putting some plastic on the seat.
He drove me the ten miles to his house, pulled me from the car and into the house where I was pushed into the bathroom and my shirt pulled off. Somehow my shirt was covered in curry.
"Has he been drinking?" Uncle Albert's wife asked.
"There was a can on the floor but three full ones on his desk" said Uncle Albert before exclaiming "Jesus Christ...have you seen his arm?".

All this time I had stood confounded while my shirt was ripped off and I was turned around in front of the mirror. My arm, neck, back of my head, shoulder, side and back were black.
"What's he covered in?"
"Nowt, it's a bruise!" said Uncle Albert.

NHS Direct was called and I was asked to come to the phone and talk to them. After a few questions Uncle Albert took the receiver back and quickly I was taken outside to the car and driven to hospital. Straight through casualty waiting room, straight onto a gurney and in what seemed like minutes I was being prodded and poked while blood samples were taken. In the corner of the room a television was showing the same drama from that morning.
"Is this rubbish still on? I mean it's a good concept but it's dragging on a bit!" I thought I'd asked my eyes feeling suddenly heavy.
"See? He's talking rubbish!" I can remember Uncle Albert's Mrs saying.
"Nowt new there then." said Uncle Albert.

A doctor loomed at my side and slipped an oxygen mask over my head.
"Dr Johnson? Dr Johnson? Try to stay awake, look at me!" said the doctor.
A nurse loomed from the other side and cradled my head.
"I'd rather stay with her!" I'm fairly sure I said.
"It's a date." said the nurse "Just keep talking to us."
The doctor loomed back into vision.
"Dr Johnson, you've had a hemorrhagic stroke and..."
And...it all went black. Life ended or dramatically changed for so many people on that day and would never be the same again, I was thirty five years old and had just had my first stroke.

It turned out that I had sat down the evening before to eat my curry. I'd just cracked open the first beer without taking a sip and I'd stroked out, collapsing on the floor covering myself in curry, beer and blood where I'd opened up the wound from my spine operation. I'd walked into Weatherspoons slurring and incoherent (you'd think of all places they would be used to that) because of the stroke. 

Eight months later and I went on that date with the nurse from casualty.


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We were on our maiden voyage in Ranworth Breeze, with Glenn giving us the tutor.  His wife phoned to say it had appeared on the news. 

Our trips always coincided with something newsworthy.  We went up there once during the fuel strike and a lot of the other hirers were panicking about having enough fuel to get home.

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I was working on the 39th floor of Tower 42 (formally known as the Nat West tower) which is very close to the flight path from City airport. The building was fairly quickly abandoned. Scary stuff. My parents were moored at Sutton Staithe, one of the few holidays I wasn't with them..

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We'd just walked into the house having just returned from a shopping trip to Newmarket to buy my daughter a birthday present. I turned on the kitchen t.v. to watch the news while I prepared lunch, thinking I had  accidentally tuned in to the wrong channel and was watching a film I changed the channel only for the actuality of it to dawn - what I was watching was real!




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I was busy at work, where we didnt have a radio or any other form of news devices, it was quite late in the afternoon before we were made aware of what was going down, and that was only when someone in the office ot a call from his wife to say have you seen the news.

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Like Grendel I didn’t have a clue for most of the day. When I got home from a busy day at work Graham had the news on. I recall they were replaying the footage of the two planes smashing into the towers just as I walked into the living room. It took a while for my brain to process what I was seeing.
Just horrible.

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I was in my room in Saudi and watched the second one go in live.

The locals were all cheering about it.. The Saudi press said it  was "The Japanese red hand grenade gang" that did it.

Military flying training training was suspended as the British and American instructors were not taking out Saudis who were cheering on the event..

Security everywhere was very jumpy for a few weeks..

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