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More Covid Restrictions Announced.

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3 hours ago, JennyMorgan said:

Just watched a film on Netflix called Contagion. Filmed before Covid 19, remarkably prophetic! 

Had my jab this morning, massive queue, felt threatened by that. That aside, it was a doddle. 

Had a very slight headache for twenty minutes or so and a slight temperature for half an hour when I got home. All in all, on a scale of 1 to 10, possibly .05, of no consequence whatsoever. 

My wife had a sensation in her arm for a while and is sore where the needle went in, that's it. I've pressed all around where the needle went in & no soreness or sensation whatsoever. Big non event really but glad that it's done.

We watched it the other week, our thoughts exactly... 

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26 minutes ago, SwanR said:

Morrison’s are my saviours and have been for a long while. They seemed to manage to get their delivery slots ramped up well ahead of other supermarkets back in Essex. And I’m finding them much better for availability than other supermarkets here as well. The food has been good and very few substitutions or items missing. 

A lot of it comes down to how good store managers are. They were quick to ramp up deliveries, Tesco was the same.

Our nearest supermarket is Morrisons, but it is horrible, always grubby. On the rare occasion I am allowed to these places I go to Tesco or Sainsbury's.

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I have been lucky so far, that all the shops I visit seem to be taking things seriously, both our local asda and sainsburys still have someone at the door with a click counter, and as a general rule 99% of people in store everywhere are allowing others room, i quite often am thanked when I wait and allow someone through the opposite direction when I can clearly barge through space wise, but dont, I have thanked others for showing the same courtesy. mask wearing seems to have been accepted, with the few I have seen not wearing them clearly being in the exempt categorys.

I think its all down to the individual stores, in our sainsburys people queue to be allocated to a till, with very few trying to jump the queues.

As for the cancellation of a delivery, I can understand that this might be necessary should the weather determine it, but what if the  household were isolating, a cancellation might be more than an inconvenience, and could force them to break isolation for food supplies. at the very least the store should be offering to redeliver at the earliest convenience as arranging a new slot might take people beyond their available supplies.

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On 12/02/2021 at 12:19, Regulo said:

Why am I the only one getting a load of hassle trying to get this jab? I got a text to tell me I could have it at my local centre last Saturday. Turned up at the appointed time to find a 100 yard queue (in the pouring rain). Joined queue, moved 5 yards in 15 minutes, told no more vaccine, we've run out. About turn and home. Got a letter this morning saying I could book online via the website. Went on there, to find I'm too young! Phoned the 119 line, and after listening to the usual load of waffle and options spoke to an advisor, who told me the website needed updating. I'll either end up having five jabs or none at this rate!

Update: I went online the next day and got my first jab booked for tomorrow morning, at Rayleigh. (Why I can't get one round the corner at Pitsea - who knows?). Yippeeeee! But . . . I've just got a call from the vaccination centre to say it's cancelled, as they haven't been sent any vaccine. I despair.

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On 13/02/2021 at 22:43, Ray said:

The vaccine rollout is going very well, I only became 65 about 8 weeks ago and today I was given an appointment for Monday 👍

5 days later and it's been a bit of a roller coaster. I've had mild flu like side effects on and off but last night my immune system deployed fully. 12 hours now of full on flu symptoms, paracetamol helps a bit.

I've checked and side effects can be felt for a week in some cases. No cough or loss of taste/smell thankfully.

I do hope I'm making a record amount of antibodies for my trouble 🙂

Still better than getting Covid of course 👍

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The Pfizer one Ian, funny enough I was speaking to a couple of guys in the village this week who had a similar reaction.

Maybe it's just Normal for Norfolk lol

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It may be that those having a bigger reaction to the jab are the very same that would go on to be seriously ill with the real thing but of course there's no way of researching as those that show the reaction are then unlikely to be bad with covid as they have the immune response.

A reason to be happy about the side effects if you get them...

Roll on tuesday morning when I get mine, I can live with man-flu for a week if I have to.


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2 minutes ago, Smoggy said:

It may be that those having a bigger reaction to the jab are the very same that would go on to be seriously ill with the real thing

That's a very good point!

I'm not complaining, just having a whinge as any man with flu symptoms is entitled to do 😂

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I felt what is best described as a bit meh, 24 hours after the jab, this lasted a further 24 hours, but i am now back to relatively normal, at first this morning I thought i was running a temperature, but it turned out, that it was just warm outside, my workshop was up to 18 degrees earlier.

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