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Sad news. 
Another victim of the rise of the internet. 
Reminds me of the boat show. Used to love shopping there for bargains. 
Now you can get all the information and bargains by a search engine or eBay. 

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1 hour ago, Malcolm Withell said:

Is Angling Times still going? That's the one I usually got as a kid.

Yes, though there have been suggestions above once that it could go online only. I think the current subscription is about £80 / year. 

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The Mail was always a little 'behind the Times' in grasping modernity, but it's still sad to see it go. The Times had a good forward thinking editorial team behind it, even ten years ago.

I do miss the old style of angling press and literature. From Walton's Compleat Angler (I have the 1676 fifth edition in my collection) to Bernard Venables' Mr Crabtree comic strip (still essential reading). On TV A Passion for Angling, The Great Rod Race and these days Mortimer & Whitehouse Go Fishing are frequent watches.

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1 hour ago, MauriceMynah said:

Thought you said you didn't watch TV!

YouTube old chap. I watch a lot of woodworking content, VFX critiques and I'm more than a bit partial to my science fiction series for which Amazon Prime is one of my providers. Current favourites are Doom Patrol and the Umbrella Academy. I have to admit I'm also a fan of Finnegan Fox!


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