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1930’s Broads Holiday Cine Film now on DVD


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Carol (AdnamsGirl) has been very busy transferring two old cine films from the 1930’s onto a DVD. I was very pleased to be given a sneak preview of Carol’s DVD and am now happy to report that it can be ordered via her Broadland Memories website


Price is a very reasonable £10.00 which includes postage and packing.

The ever modest Carol had done a very professional job of the introduction including some excellent narrative. The original films follow with authentic background music of the period which really gives it that 30’s feel. The film was actually shot in 16mm so the quality is surprisingly good for such an old film. Carol has added subtitles to help with the locations although some have changed very little! The films cover both North and Southern broads including some priceless views of the old Breydon viaduct and the railway bridges at Beccles and Potter Heigham. There are plenty of internal and external shots of the boats, both hired from Herbert Woods, some good footage of the boatyard too. The second boat, Countess of Light, is a particularly magnificent craft. Interesting to see that the yachts were still diving across the river, even in those days!!

I found it a fascinating film. I should point out that the sales of the DVD are simply to cover Carol’s costs and this is not a profit making venture (hope this is OK Mods)

Do have a look, I promise you will not be disappointed!!


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I hope that's EPIC in a good way rather than a polite way of telling me it's too long! :naughty::lol:

Glad that it arrived safely and that you enjoyed it. For my sins, it is me doing the commentary ...... not something which came at all naturally, took lots of attempts and still makes me cringe when I listen back to it! :oops:

As I couldn't afford Felicity Kendals voice over fees I was stuck with doing it myself! :naughty:

Many, many thanks for the link at the top of the page - it's very kind of you. cheersbar


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Carol, its Perfect.

I fully enjoyed it from start to finish.

I cant believe its you doing the Comentary, !!! Its 100% Professional. Its as if you paid someone lots of money to do the comentary ! its really good !

I really enjoyed watching the DVD.

I have to say a massive thank you for taking the time to make it, i hope theres more to come.

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  • 7 months later...

The good news is that I have now sold a total of 46 copies of the DVD, so it has just about broken even with the costs involved! Many thanks to all who have bought a copy cheers

It was always one of those things which was a bit of a gamble as it is such a niche market, but I'm relieved that I have recouped the outlay.

The bad news (for me) is that I have now gone into debt again! I spotted this on Ebay last week and just had to have it ....... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/140631294045?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

HOW MUCH !!!!! did I pay for that !!!! :o:o:o

It's actually footage which was taken onboard the wherry yacht "Norada" in 1930/31 ..... Norada is one of the survivors and is currently under the care of the wherry yacht charter charitable trust and should be sailing this year. It struck me as being another example of such historic footage that needed to be out there for others to share rather than being locked away in a private collection somewhere. So I went and spent the money Kev's been earning by doing some overtime over the last few weeks! :oops::oops:

It's probably likely to cost me about the same again to get it transferred (along with two other small films which I need to get done), but I will try and get some funds together to get it done as quickly as possible so that It is at least preserved even if I don't actually do anything with it for a while. Editing it and producing a new DVD may be a project for NEXT winter, with a 2013 release as I just have too much other website stuff to work on this year.

It arrived this morning and I am so excited !! The only problem is .... I can't actually view it as our 16mm projector isn't working ! :cry What I really need is a 16mm cine viewer/ editor - if anyone has one lying around whch they would be prepared to loan to me for a few weeks I would be extremely grateful! I need to splice the other films I have together, and whilst I do have a splicer, it would be helpful to be able to run them through on a viewer first.

So, in need of funds to get this stuff transferred into a digital format, I'll make no apologies for a shameless plug for the existing Broadland Memories DVD's as an idea for stocking fillers if you are stuck for something to buy your Broads loving family and friends for Christmas! :naughty:

Please order by Wednesday 14th December to ensure delivery before Christmas!


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