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Sydney Cove and Circular Quay to be more precise. It is where all the ferry terminals are and the Cruise Ship Dock. 

I love the whole atmosphere of Circular Quay and lunch at the Sydney Oyster Bar ($$$) 20171017_093516.thumb.jpg.fa9d910d8f44228bf83712a38d4b1a2d.jpg

20171018_113738.thumb.jpg.ccfaeca59db1b60da15231b28e14c37a.jpgshould not be missed. I often look at that webcam.

Me on the Manley Ferry. And Traditional Sydney Harbour Ferries, though there are alot of high speed cats now.

I should have been there for Christmas this year! But they are now talking no open borders until 2022. And alas I am getting no younger.

I have never spent Christmas outside in shorts and teeshirt and it really appeals to me.

Bookmark, the site and look at 1300 hrs 31.12.20. That is if the fireworks go ahead this year. For the last few years I have had a conference call with my son and daughter in law watching that webcam.

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I was sent this by my son this morning. They had Flathead on the bbq for dinner this evening.

I love Flathead and Barramundi bbq'd, but I fear it will be a long way off yet, until I taste it again.


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A great place, I have  lots of memories of mooring at Garden Island on HMS Eagle in 71, Kings Cross, the Pink Pussycat etc. wonderful time, wasted on me at 18 of course.


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