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Good for them. I hope their challenge succeeds.

Challenges back in the 60s, to open HGB to navigation, did not succeed and it was a quango that blocked them.   I can't remember what Natural England was called back then, but "a rose by any other name . . ".

From what I have seen on the Broads, green algae is cured by improved water quality, not fleas.  So if you want to keep HGB as a closed off stagnant pond, so be it.

If they want to get the fish out of it, let the otters in it.  Better still, keep all the otters in it and control them on the rest of the river system.  That will give the fish stocks a much better chance!  This may seem a frivolous remark but if you are going to mess about with the balance of Nature, where do you stop?

A 100 million pound benefit to the Broads economy from angling?  Really?  Sounds as though they can afford the legal fees, then!


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5 hours ago, CambridgeCabby said:

Dredge the upper reaches , increase tidal flow , result , cleaner water !!

It has long been admitted, in high circles, that dredging Hickling thus increasing the flush effect would be both beneficial for the Broad itself and the downstream rivers. Dredging has since taken place in the Sound and on the Broad although I'm sure that more could be done, both North and South on the Yare. The Waveney is pretty good and the dredging at Oulton Broad can only be a good thing. Dredging at Hoveton Great Broad can only help, provided the Broad isn't dammed off from the rivers.

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There was a question I asked a while back.

Several answered a question I had not asked, but thought I would ask it next, and some thought (wrongly) that I had asked the wrong question, gave the answer to the question they thought I wanted to ask.

A few even gave me the answer to the question they wished I had asked, but nobody actually answered the question I really did ask, which was...

We know that the clearance under Potter Heigham bridge is diminishing. Is that also true of other bridges on the broads, if so which ones and by how much?

I just wonder!

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I've been wondering that too.

Maybe just now isn't a great time to be asking that  particular question, given the continuing high water levels over the past few weeks. I'm sure it's spoilt a lot of people's plans. Not surprising though, after all the rain we've had! 


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But we now have something else to concern us!


I see in the EDP that a Rufous Bush Chat has been sighted on the North Norfolk Coast.  Quite what sort of expert was needed to actually notice one of these things, I can't think but apparently the last time one of them was seen on our shores it was pecking the foil off school milk bottles.

So what must now be done to protect this visitor?  Will we see Rufous Bush Chat bridges being built over the NDR, on its predicted migratory flight path?  Or will vital road improvements to the Acle Straight be held up for another 4 years in case the little ***** wants to set up home with us on the Halvergate Marshes?

Maybe it should be encouraged to come and live on Gt Hoveton, where Natural England are already in place to spend whatever public funds are necessary to "protect" it and Bewilderwood can sell "spot the Bush Chat" paddle board outings?

As long as it doesn't start eating the fleas, which have got the next ten years to get on with eating the algae?

Maybe soon, we can text £2 a month to RUFOUS and will send us a Christmas card?



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10 hours ago, Vaughan said:

A 100 million pound benefit to the Broads economy from angling?  Really?  Sounds as though they can afford the legal fees, then!

The Angling Alliance is affiliated to the WWF. Mind you, they rarely lose their case, not normally taking on a case unless that are pretty certain of wining.

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