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Back From My Operation.

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Went down this afternoon for my op.Woke up 17.30  think.Lots of pain,but my breathing is not to bad.They were a bit concerned about my oxygen levels.On oxygen now.In the morning they will get me walking and want me to use the Jim ,dont know who he is.Worse bit because  there were delay didn't have water for 12 hours. As Captain Sir Tom said Tomorrow will be a better day.

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Glad to hear you are through it Ian. A speedy recovery to you. Hope you get on with Jim (LOL) even though you haven’t met ‘him’ yet.I can see that even having an op today can’t take away your sense of humour.

all the best


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6 minutes ago, ranworthbreeze said:

Hello Ian,

Keep taking the tablets and leave it a few days before you start chasing the nurses apart from any called Jim:default_norty:

Regards and best wishes.


Oooh I think Marina might have something to say about that, Ian really doesn't need to be in hospital any longer than he has to :default_biggrin:

Ian I am so pleased the op is done and dusted for you and back posting already, well done

Take care x

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As you can see from all the previous posts you have the thoughts  and very best wishes of a lot of people including mine. Not the easiest time for you but  I admire yoiur fortitude. Hope very much to  hear soon that you are feeeling back on form. I've never got on well with that Jim chap, always found him to be a bit of a sadist.




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So Ian thats the wallet opened, next task is keeping Marina away from it.

Glad to hear you are well and the wallet has had it's controlling operation successfully done.

Now exercise.

That does not mean pulling on a mooring rope it is worse than that.


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