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Lost Rascal Returns..

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Hello..Well, blow me down I am back.  No good reason to have been gone either, just the fact I only use this Forum on my Laptop, and I have not been using that - along with the fact that when I tend to come here, I like to 'write an essay' when I am sharing opinions and the like..

A lot to catch up on, comment on, and share. But in a nutshell: Nothing much has happened in the world of boats, no new 'fleet additions' or major changes. I have some videos on my You Tube Channel where I have been making some sporadic content on my mobile phone, like putting a new television up and going out on my Sheerline, Trixie. I have included a couple of those below just so you guys who may not have seen them can now.

I am not sure if I will be creating too much here, or suddenly become hyper active again, but you never know. So to old friends and new members alike, hello again :)

Wash and Cruise on Independence

New LED Lighting on Trixie

Installing a new television on Independence


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I love watching your hire boat reviews. I think that they're so useful. They have inspired me to review the boats we hire - of course mine are no where near as professional but I hope that they can help people get a feel for the boat type. We're hiring White Champagne with some friends next April and I've directed them to your review. Thanks.

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Welcome back from Brian and myself.     Recently on Captain your ears should have been burning as we recalled the day you 'saved' us when you sorted out the heating using this forum , for us.   I still have the copy I printed out when I got home of that heating system and that print out is worth its weight in gold.   Think every hirer of the Brooms Captain should be given one to refer to.

I thought Brian was going to have apoplexy that day when the darn thing would not shut off and it was a lovely sunny and warm afternoon, certainly no need for heating.  It transpired that some bright spark had put a timer on it to come on and that time every day.   With your knowledge , it was cancelled.   We would have had no chance of knowing what to do.   Thank you once again.












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10 hours ago, WherryNice said:

Welcome back Robin, I have seen your more recent YouTubings which were as entertaining as ever, you have a natural ability for it, the lower production values don't make them any less worth watching in my opinion.

I completely agree. The recent videos on Trixie demonstrated Robin's film-making skills brilliantly.

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