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webasto heater not working

Guest biggles999

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I went down to the boat today trying to start the Webasto inc charging main batteries first up to 13 V, it started got warm then stopped.

a noise like I can only describe as air in a central heating system started, and by putting my hand on diesel piping leading up to the heater body it felt like same noise/rattle before bleeding central heating , So how to bleed a Webasto that ran out of diesel completely? I think its a 2 Kw but cant find any id on the heater

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As Jimbo says, just keep trying to start it, you will hear the pump ticking which is normal as it is a solenoid pump that measures a dose on each stroke. In extreme cases you may have to take the pipe off at the heater and watch the fuel squirt without any air before reconnecting.

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That's handy for installations and general principles, here is the workshop manual that should also help, I have uploaded what I assume is the correct manual based on your description of 2KW and it's probable age, this manual covers the early AT2000 heaters with and without diagnostic capabilities, it is unlikely that yours is a 2000ST which is the later model but if you find it is I have the later manual for that too. If it is a round case then it is likely to be a 1.8KW model for which I also have the manual but that is a pretty scrappy scan, but better than nothing.

200D MANUAL.pdf

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Hi Gang,

went down to the boat yesterday hoping to retstart it and noticed there is no air blowing through the vents ! should air blow from start or is it delayed untill the heater is working?

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Quick break from drilling 2" holes in he bottom of me ship, and for once Shotley wireles is working well.

Firstly, from those shots, it looks lke a fairly pro install.

If there is not even a low volume of cold air being produced then the fan is obviously not running, it provides not only air ciculation but also combustion air for the furnace. It can be many things from something as simple as a fuse or loose cable to a faulty fan motor or control board, even the control element (thermostat to you) could have a boken cable or internal fault. I am too far away to come and hook up my diagnosic kit so sorry about that. If you or somebody with a bit of electrical savy can’t find anything obvious and you have to resort to pofessional help then do not go to some itinerant, straight to JPC is the way to go as they have trained technicians and all the factory diagnostic kit to identify the problem in short order and will probably be cheaper in the long run. If the fault turns out to be a high ticket item like the fan motor or control board I have a couple of late model service exchange (not ex BT) units in stock.

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You don't need an engineer, engineers would have designed it and the kit that actually manufactured it. What you need is a technician, one trained on Webasto and who has the right diagnostic kit as I said in my previous post.

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