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Many of you will have heard of the 'Budget Angler'  He is a member of our infamous 'Lads Week' crew, also a syndicate boat owner.  He is also a forum member going by the name 'London Lad'

To us he's just Andy.

The Budget Angler has his own FB group page, it has grown and grown with members now numbering in the thousands for good reason too

Anyroadup, Andy, when the opportunity allows, in the winter harvests a small amount of Norfolk Reed.  Takes the reed home and turns them into floats.  Not sure of the price, I think about £10:00 for five but could be wrong there.  Whilst on our Lads Week, without actually seeing any of the said fishing floats, I gave him a tenner for a set.  They have duly turned up.

Most impressed and now can't wait to use and try them.

Thanks Andy,



BA NBN 876.jpg

BA NBN 877.jpg

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Cheers Charlie, great pics of them! I hope they bring you a few bites. It was a brilliant way to kill a bit of time during the 1st lockdown when I couldn't get out fishing - now it's a great way to spend a few hours with the radio on. Roll on the next reed Harvest 👍

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Great to see. When I was young there was a tradition of making one's own tackle from fly-tying, float making through to rod building using materials ready to hand.

Most of the Keepers and Bailiffs also made their own vermin control  traps and self loaded their own cartridges.

Those floats look really first class.

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