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Keep Your Eyes Open (thefts)

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I'd seen the Police about and heard of one but was unaware of more than one being targeted - I have several CCTV cameras on my boat along with security lighting  - alas they only cover my boat not the paths and access roads so never capture people just passing on foot or vehicles and having checked, I've certainly not had anyone 'snooping' on my boat. I can't say I am surprised this has happened, but a shame especially as the Marina has taken steps to make it more secure with higher fencing and additional security. It would make walking out with such gear that much harder to 'climb over' a fence or barrier - but I doubt this was opportunistic. It does not take but a moment to walk along rows of boats and looking in at helms to see those which have new and valuable navigation equipment and then come back at night knowing what boats have the best pickings.

Many Marina's have free WiFi as part of their service to berth holders, and with high definition, small cameras that simply need a USB socket (so an adaptor in a 12v accessory socket on any boat to power them) and a WiFi connection you get instant alerts to your phone the moment movement is seen, full talk back between you and the camera and cloud recording so even if the camera is thrown or broken the footage has been stored remotely. For £60.00 its well worth having, even if just in the helm area pointing at your stern to capture anyone getting in through a door/canopy/window etc.

Example IP CCTV Camera


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I also notice that the boat in the EDP article was a new offshore type which probably doesn't have a wheel position in the saloon downstairs and so all instrumentation is on the flybridge, protected from the weather by a substantial folding canopy.  So all a thief has to do is unzip the back flap of the canopy and away you go!  No need at all to actually "break in" to the boat.

The equipment was not ripped out either : the thief obviously had plenty of time to dismantle the dashboard carefully, without being disturbed by anyone, in a marina otherwise empty of people.

I wonder what the boat's insurers are going to think of this?

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On 17/11/2020 at 23:31, thunder said:

Heard on a another forum some boats hit at nya Monday night

That's strange, as a couple of nights ago I tried to go on their website to see what boats they had for sale and for the first time in a few years now, my computer flagged up that the website was dodgy.

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