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Definitely take Mr Nog's advice and go to the pub, choose one with a garden to have a nice drink and watch the flappy thingies, they really are an absolute joy to watch. 

Stay off the rivers though, they put the fear of god in me  :default_smiley-char054:  :default_biggrin: x

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Hi Paul Apologies, the computer takes about 3 hours to get up steam. I’ve hired Evening Light 3 and 4. However as mentioned there are 4 of them and they all are pretty much identical. Faircr

What did you expect, I am a girly after all and we never forget anything. We will remind you of things you haven't even done yet 

Hi All, We enjoyed our first adventure so much this year on Ladymore 2 we have booked again for next June (can't wait). This time we have booked Evening light 2 from Herbert woods as I wante

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3RR is definitely scheduled for the 5th June/6th June next year - hopefully it will go ahead.  My suggestion is that you just stay in the basin and wait for the fun to subside.  Just take yourself off to the bridge and watch!

The river will be almost back to normal by Sunday morning!

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I'm sure you cope very well Grace :default_biggrin: (particularly with a glass of wine in hand) :default_drink_2:

I would guess that by the afternoon they should have spread out so I'm sure that you'll be OK.  The 3 Rivers race will get a lot of coverage on here so there should be plenty of information about it. 

Again having a smaller boat like Evening Light is a bonus, you'll have a great time! 

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11 hours ago, marshman said:

I read time and time again how difficult it is to turn in a narrow spot such as Dilham (10 point turns etc etc ) but all you have to do is to moor up and turn it on the ropes!! No sweat no bother and no hassle.

I agree that turning on the ropes is easy and it's a method often overlooked. The only thing I would qualify that with is that the method does depend on mooring space being available which at Dilham isn't always the case. There's enough room to turn on the engine even with boats moored there though. 

Another method I like if you have a willing crew member to hold the bow rope tight to the mooring is to put the rudder hard over and gently motor round with the bow rope held. 

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