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Oil Filter & anything else for CMD 1.7td

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Hi all,

Last year i replaced the Oil Filter on my CMD 1.7td engine with the Mercruiser one. Unfortunately, i threw it away and now have nothing to compare it with, DOH!

Since owning this type of engine, i have learnt quite a bit about them. They are the Isuzu Circle L engine which were fitted to Vauxhall / Opel cars and are made in Poland.

Now obviously Mercruiser had the engine Marinised and there are quite a few add ons that the Vauxhall engine did not have. Mercruiser also, (where they can), change things so that its not easy to find the automotive comparison. For example, the cooling thermostat is not the same as the vauxhall 1.7td one and in fact is the same as the one from a 1988 2.3 Isuzu trooper. Crafty buggers.......

I will be changing the oil again soon and therfore will be needing another oil filter. The Mercruiser Marine oil filter is not an expensive item (around £15) where the automotive one will probably be around £5 - £7. So why bother you ask.

Well, i am trying to build up a service parts list of as many non Marine priced parts as i can for this engine, as at the end of the day there are quite a few that have the Marine Price, but actually are NOT Marine Parts.

The thermostat was a good example of this at less than 1/2 the cost & it was exactly the same part / material. This is an absolute rip off by the Brunswick corporation.

I have been checking the net, and to be honest i am all googled out now, so i thought i would post this one here to see if anyone has any info for me.

I did try and join the CMD 1.7td Forum (Yes there is one) but i couldn't sign up & get in for some reason.

Regarding the Oil Filter though, i think this may be one of Mercruiser's herrings, as i don't think its the vauxhall / Isuzu 1.7td one. It looks like they may have modified it by fitting one from another Isuzu unit, just to throw people off the scent again.

Does anybody know a friend of a friend of a friend etc that mayhave access to the bible of these engines so that people like me don't have to keep lining mercruiser's pockets. Oh, and Ive started a bit of a quest now.

Many thanks

Grant :pirate

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