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fuel tank

Guest Davey Jones

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After first run out this year,we have found a diesel leak on starboard tank,like all things on boats unable to pin point leak,but as its dripping from bottem of tank, suspect that it will need replacing,anyone no of custom fuel tank manufactorer,according to original sales invoice of boat they were 10% larger than standard,going back today to pump rest of deisel out,(only filled up friday)so shall have size ,approx 130 gallons.

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Hi Perry

Thank you for your reply, tanks are aluminium,as we have three on board ,and two have had problems with water in them,thinking of getting prices to change them both,be interesting to see how they compare pricewise, don,t no if I would go for plastic, as there have been alot of split domestic tanks,but that was due to the manufacturing process,Im hoping can get them out without removing engines,Going to leave till after easter,if you see a loop sided boat, prob us.

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Hi Merlyn,

Sealine now fit plastic as standard. The big bonus over and above corrosion issues is that they do not suffer from condensation in the same way as steel or Aluminium, so you should have a lot less trouble with water and consequently diesel bug. Not heard of any problems with tek tanks and think a lot of problems with plastic tanks came from swarf which blocked lines.

Hope you get it sorted without too much trouble, are you salvaging the diesel from the bilges?

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Hi Ian

Thats interesting, might have a word with nick seabridge, see if they do a replacement,Daughter's boyfriend came over with some drums and pump,managed to save most of it,but not sure if going to reuse due to water and crap content,suppose should be ok if left to settle,

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