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Blakes Pennant Pin And Flag Wanted

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11 minutes ago, jeffbroadslover said:

Griff, can you name all 44 yards shown on your tray?

I remember having one of those trays many many years ago but have no idea if it is stashed away in the loft somewhere.


19 :default_blush: but when I checked I had only managed 17 :default_dunce:


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I think I would guess that tray was made in about 1965 or 66.

Wards, Landamores, Windboats and Dawncraft  were all sold to Jenners just after, but I notice the new Southgates flag, after they were bought by Tom Watson of Herbert Woods.  I think Banhams stopped hiring in 66 but Percivals went on until about 69.  There is no Moores flag, so maybe Jenners bought them before the others?

These were times of big recession and by the 70s that list had changed a lot.  Several old ones gone but a lot of new ones (like me) coming in.

It's difficult to remember as a lot of yards never flew a flag on their boats, so you only saw them in the brochure!  Pennants are very expensive, when made out of bunting and you can get through 2 or 3 a year, when they get frayed by the wind.

Or nicked as souvenirs!!

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Difficult to scan this as the brochure is in old foolscap size and not A4.  Maybe Chris B can get them the right way up for me?

This is Blakes of 1964 and looks like the same list, at a glance.

There is still no Moores flag though. I went to school with David Moore and his father Ralph was always a bit "iffy" about Blakes.  He always refused to have the Blakes emblem on the bow of his boats as he considered his standards were a lot higher than Blakes!

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I agree although I was under the impression that Moore's sold the hire fleet to the Trafford family in 1974 or thereabouts. It has to said that the ownership and history of the yards in 60s- 80s would fill a book the size of war and peace. I am not even sure who owned Moore's Powles and Collins in the 70s and 80s although they all ended up together at some point, Trafford's, Henley s Pennant, Mowat etc etc. 

Anyway I am going off thread so mustn't go down that route.


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