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LPG Gas cookers

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Stalham Gas do some good ones at around the £280 mark, last time I checked. As far as I can tell, they fulfill all the requirements for the BSS, FFD on all burners, including the oven. Stalham Gas will point out that the manufacterers warrenty is invalid if installed on a boat and that you need to satisfy yourself that it will pass the BSS, but they have sold a lot to boat owners and yards. The cooker is Italian made and knowing the Italians abilities when it comes to rust proofing, this is probably the reason for the warrenty invalidation, however I figure at that price, if it satisfies the BSS, and it does appear to, then even if you have to change it a little earlier than a £700 cooker, it is still good value for money.


PS what happened to you on Saturday evening?

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three years ago i installed a brand new BELLING G717 lpg cooker on my last boat

full size, four rings grill and oven, including vat it was £186. now that was in northern england.

it is the only model belling do in lpg, and it was exactly what we needed.

last year we had the bss done and it was no problem.


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Alan! I think you must have been lucky to get away with having that on board, I'm thinking of fitting a new cooker on my boat and came across this on the BSS site,, you can download the BSS guide from there as well,,,

If the burner on any of your appliances goes out and the fuel continues to flow

and is ignited this could start a fire or cause an explosion. To reduce the risk of

this happening appliance burners, ignition burners and pilot lights must be fitted

with flame supervision devices that completely and automatically close off the

LPG or fuel oil supply if the flame goes out.

Appliances in good condition and in place before 3 January 2000 are exempt from this requirement,


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Most LPG gas cookers these days, including the ones sold by Stalham Gas have FFD, flame failure devices on them, which is what is needed to satisfy the BSS. I would have thought it highly unlikely that the Belling of three years ago didn't, and certainly this would have been tested under the BSS. Indeed, most normal household gas cookers have FFD as well.

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:o when we purchased our cooker it conformed to the bss, no problem there.when reading the handbook it stated on just two lines :not for marine use or below ground level.:trying to get a registered corgi gas fitter to install was impossible because of those two lines.we had to fit ourselves in the end, something we didnt really want to do(ie:safety aspect)

we were fortunate the existing pipe fitted ok and we used a spray to test for gas leaks.been on the boat over a year now with no problems.

as the wife says wanted a nice corgi man to fit , ended with a grumpy old git :!::!::!:


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Hi,Basil44, I have found a cooker Bompani 101 at Stalham gas they sell it for £223 i think you can get it on the internet for £187 from calors website but they charge £20 for delivery will also remove your old one for £12 and take the packaging away for £10 which i think is a bit steep.it has all the flame failure devices you want but the big question is getting a registered Corgi fitter to do it,even tho it says on the advert suitable for inland waterways boats.

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