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PSP 3000 for sale

Guest Jonny

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I know this is off topic

i purchased on Friday 15th April a PSP 3000 with grand turismo prolog & motor storm plus accessories kits barely used opened up same day boxed back up same day its all all in original boxing no dents....

reason for sale its to small to play with my big paws....

£130 quick sale....


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I will ask around for you Jonny, we do have quite a few gaming young lads in the family, but i dont know much about them myself, except that they are always going on about some of them being 'Chipped' is this the same with yours? :)

Julz :wave

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Don’t be obtuse (or at least try to be) Ramjet, you were the OP on the thread you allude to, ergo it was destined for the most suitable area based on the OP. This tread was not started as a joke but has had my feeble attempt at humour injected into it at a later stage, ergo it remains in the most suitable area based on the OP, the same as your thread, no double standards there as I’m sure all will agree. Take great care Rammy, calling a moderator two faced is a personal attack which is not tolerated, should you wish to question a decision please do it with a cogent argument and without personal attack.

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Ratty old dear,

By posting your scratchings in the Jokes area helped people realise that you were trying to tell a joke.

You must realise most people don't get past the 1st couple of words, that's if you can call them words, of your dribblings so it is difficult to tell what the hells kitchen your on about.

No Offense!

Your everso ....... zzzzzzzzzzzz Smelly. :yawn:

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My dear Looo , Please tell , if you is gived someone a gift but they is not accept it who is that gift belong to? i would be say the giver so by the same old token if you is gived someone a insultable label , but they is not accepted it who is that label belonged to? Mine case is resting

Rammy, can you please, please write in English! (are you foreign or something?).

I just cannot fathom out the meanings of some of your "posts"... :cry:cry:cry

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