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Bucket List? - Oh Yes !


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Many of us as we advance in years have some sort of 'Bucket List'  I'm no different.

Broad Ambition was never on my bucket list, she was a boyhood dream that eventually came true, not by any good fortune or by being 'Lucky' as some have incorrectly stated but by sheer determination, bloody mindness, a lot of man hours and a horrendous amount of funds (At my level)

Then there was having a Dutton Phaeton Kit Car in the early eighties - Ticked off that one too but again never on a bucket list as I was too young to have one

My Mighty Triumph Tiger, again not a bucket list, just an ambition and a dream realised with inheritance money.  There have been many other highlights that I have either engineered or just simply by being in the right place at the right time, like meeting the Queen (Twice) the last time introducing my MrsG to her.  Tea with HRH Prince Charles was another in the right place at the right time. Dancing with a genuine Queen in a Russian satellite country,  'B.A' has brought many highlights, the latest one was a sea trip with HMS Explorer and MTB102.  There have been many other highlights - Too many to mention here really


Now I have to get things in perspective here and be realistic where the bucket list is concerned as to what can be achieved and ticked off.  Financial levels of what we can stretch to has also got to be vectored in without me going selfish with regards to MrsG and grand children.  A weekend onboard 'B.A' with the likes of Kelly Brook although fantastic in theory ain't never gonna happen (She ain't that lucky)  Besides the ramifications would be kinda awkward to say the least!


My Bucket List:-

Since I started it off proper not too many years ago I originally put six items on the list (There are a few more now) Two of which I have already accomplished.  They are chasing down and purchasing a cherished number plate 'R641 CHG' Took me nearly three years to get that one.  R641 is 'B.A's registration number and CHG are my initials, I completed the purchase of that plate on the very same day me and MrsG ticked another item off my bucket  - Seeing ELO live in concert (Manchester).  I have seen plenty of big named bands / groups live on stage but imho Jeff Lynn and ELO were the best ever.   A third one that has never been accomplished and never will now is 'Heli Hi' skiing in Canada - Too many years of smoking has ruined my cold wx circulation and I'm now too old.  Besides which the cost is way beyond the likes of me.  That leaves three more, one of which is a fortnights wildlife safari living in mud huts then getting driven about daily to see the animals in their natural habitat - This one could yet happen.  A fast taxi ride in the Lancaster Bomber in Lincolnshire - That one should happen too.  Then there's another un, one that I hoped may / could happen ever I since I first realised that twin seaters did exist when I saw them on an episode of Top Gear 



Boxing day arrived yesterday as is has done for two thousand years.

My daughter presented me with a rather grand envelope just wrapped in plain white paper, no ribbon or Christmas paper or ribbons

'Here you are Dad, from your family'

Sort of lost for words - Which is somewhat of a rarity for me.

Between them, they have paid off a chunk of the cost.  I have to find and pay for the rest, which I will do so of course.  

Sometime later next year, finances and covid restrictions allowing, I will get to fly in a WWII Spitfire and get hands on too.

It doesn't get any better than that




BA NBN 895.jpg

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I've done a lot of things from my bucket list.

Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef 

Visiting Japan 

Watching humpback whales off Newfoundland

Living and working in another country (USA)

Footplate ride on a steam loco

A trip on the Flying Scotsman

Driving a steam roller.

Owning a boat on the Broads

Sailing on the Broads

Cruising the Rhine

Watching Shakespeare plays at Stratford upon Avon

Seeing many "top flight bands including Led Zeppelin, Bowie, Genesis, ELO, Kinks, Rox Music and many others.

By hell. I do envy you your Spitfire flight though Griff.  Do you get a chance to shoot down an ME109?






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Brilliant. I have never really looked at having a bucket list as such but to be honest since watching Guy Martin with the tv spitfire I often said to myself " I would love to get my backside in one of those " 

My excitement starts with spitfires as soon as the rolls Royce engine cranks over and fires - it's a magical roar .funnily enough I get the same feeling driving past the gun test wall after driving towards Stalham from potter

I cant fly one but if money ever became no object then I wouldn't mind one 


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I'm not sure about the concept of "bucket lists" ! If you have ten things on a bucket list, and you acheive them, do you then want for nothing and die? Or do you then find 10 other things you want? 

I agree that a person should always "want" for something, though the more money available to that person, the harder it is for them to want for anything achievable.

No, Somehow I am reminded of something a very wise person once said. (I don't know who)

"Happiness is not about getting what you want, it's about wanting what you get." 

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I don't so much have a bucket list as a toilet roll or two of a list. On the very first sheet on the bog roll are the following two items.

  1. Visit Rome for a lengthy stay
    As a classical archaeologist I've travelled most of the classical world and dug it up, but I've never been to Rome. I've never been to Italy. That said, if you were to ask me directions to somewhere in Rome I could probably take you there after spending years poring over maps of the city. I'd like to stay long enough to be able to pick up the language.
  2. New Years Day Concert
    New Year's Day is National Timbo Day. It's a special day where the nation celebrates Timbo being ushered into the world after his mother decided dancing on a table in the mess of a destroyer in Singapore harbour on New Year's Eve was 'a good thing'. For as long as I can remember I have watched and listened to the New Year's Day Concert from Vienna. This probably is the reason behind my love of Strauss family music. I've always wanted to attend the concert. Ellie keeps entering the draw for tickets, but so far we have not been chosen. She hasn't entered the draw this year. But one day.


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Having been in touch with the 'Warbirds' group at Sywell aerodrome, Northampton.  The Time / Date is now booked in for 1200 on the 15th Sept 2021.  I picked the 15th Sept as I thought it kinda apt.  It also allows me plenty of time to get the balance paid off !



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I just have one thing on my bucket list!!!

In 2019 we spent a total of 14 weeks during the course of the year, cruising the broads on our boat that we purchased in December 2018 and regularly eating out at riverside pubs. I want to be able to do it again.

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  • 4 months later...

Tomorrow will be the 15th May.  That means exactly four months to the Battle of Britain day on Sept 15th

It also means only four months until I'm airborne in a Spitfire.

Balance now fully paid up,  All I have to do is remain healthy and count down the days


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Unfortunately I cannot find it now but I know someone who was filmed for, I think, ITV news taking a flight in a Spitfire.  It was his retirement present to himself and the grin on his face was huge!


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Be carefull.

The only person I know who did that, taunted the pilot up for not trying.


He kissed the ground when they landed.


He was also an international airline pilot!!!!



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There ain't a prayer / hope in hell I'm going to be taunting the pilot.  There's no way I'll be air sick of course but I want to enjoy the experience not be spending my time controlling the heartbeat and clenching buttocks! :default_icon_e_surprised:

They have asked me if there is anything in particular I want during the flight

I have asked for a Victory Roll - I'm kinda sure everyone would experience that and also a 'Spitfire Dive'  for those that don't know what a 'Spitfire Dive' is:-

From a decent altitude roll over to inverted, back on the stick, throttle open dive straight down. We've all seen this many times on various films.  Of course the temptation for me to then start voicing 'Dagger Dagger Dagger' as we shoot down an imaginary ME109 will be huge :default_norty:

Some proper low level flight would be kind exhilarating too I would imagine


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  • 2 months later...

Wow that's absolutely awesome Griff enjoy. Closest I can get to that was a battle run in a Chinnock at night in Gremany whilst on exercise. Probably the most terrified I've ever been in my life, but i would do it again at the drop of a hat. 

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On 22/05/2021 at 09:58, BroadAmbition said:

I have asked for a Victory Roll - I'm kinda sure everyone would experience that and also a 'Spitfire Dive'  for those that don't know what a 'Spitfire Dive' is:-

Not me - I find straight-and-level flight exciting enough.

To bring things to current times - yesterday I (a Brit - Yorkshireman even) flew 2 elderly German passengers in a 2-seat glider from an airfield near Hamburg.  Only short flights (August - in fact the whole Summer - has been dissapointing with thermals).  But passengers very happy.  The elderly husband (retired Dr.) of one passenger related how many years ago he had been training to fly gliders but had not made it to his license.

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