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7 minutes ago, JennyMorgan said:

Ho Ho and a Happy New Year!!

In truth I was not attempting to stir but Norfolk, instead of going into the hoped for Tier One, has jumped from Tier Two to Tier Four, alarming.

And a Happy New Year to you as well. As I'm sure your aware I was just pulling your leg.

Regarding the tiers, I had a week away booked in one of the very few tier 1 areas Cornwall for the New Year. I cancelled it when it became plain we were heading towards tier 3, rather than wait for them to cancel it. At least it gave them a chance to let the place again. Although we almost immediately went from tier 3 to tier 4 and now even Cornwall has moved to tier 2. Judging by the amount of vacancies on the website a lot of other people have also cancelled their cottages in Cornwall.

Norfolk being moved from tier 2 to tier 4 is in many ways for its own protection. Any tier 2 area with a boundary to a tier 4 area has seen a huge influx of people desperate to shop and this is nigh on impossible to police. This happened in North Essex which stayed in tier 2 whilst the rest of Essex moved to tier 4. Norwich would have been deluged with shoppers from all over desperate for a Boxing Day Covid bargain.

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6 minutes ago, Gracie said:

The only irresponsible behaviour from me was spilling my wine :default_norty:

Did it reach the floor before you caught it? :default_rofl:You probably needed a glass in the other hand to keep you balanced. Have a couple of replacements on me :409_wine_glass::409_wine_glass::default_drinks:

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2 hours ago, Meantime said:

And a Happy New Year to you as well. As I'm sure your aware I was just pulling your leg.

I was indeed!

Apart from anything else NHS predictions for Norfolk & North Suffolk were apparently based largely on an expected influx of refugees over Christmas. 

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