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Weekend Jaunt

Hockham Admiral

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We left the WRC on Saturday at 12.15, waving goodbye to Rob on Relentless as we went, destination Wroxham, via overnight at Acle. Onboard were Kathy, Nick and self.

Cruising down towards Somerleyton we saw several Marsh Harriers and a large Otter! A brilliant introduction to The Broads for Kathy and a great reminder for Nick who hasn't been here for over 20 years! :):):)

Passing Burgh Castle and the wind was freshening significantly.... the forecast was for NE 27-44mph or inshore F5-7... (Breydon is orientated roughly NE-SW). Nick had attached the new forward canopy to hopefully keep water out of the forward well. It did so quite brilliantly though at times I did wonder if it would survive!

The waves were by now about a metre and white-capping well. Friday Girl butted her way through and under them and it was quite exhilarating!


We had a tide with us so I was able to set 1400rpm and maintain a GPS speed of about 5mph; though the occasional big "green 'un" slowed us down to 3mph or less!


Another 'bathtub' ahead of us wasn't coping quite so well; maintaining about 3mph to avoid filling his well. I can imagine that he needed some large wheel inputs to maintain his course and he was veering 15-20 degrees about his mean heading, sometimes very close to the southern edge of the channel.


We arrived at Gt Yarmouth Yacht Station at15.00 and moored up with some help from the Ranger, although I did ignore some of his hand signals...

"£5, please"

"We're waiting for the tide"

"OK but you can't go into town"

"We're not, we're going to that pub!" :naughty::naughty::naughty:



At 16.30, replenished, we left for Acle and arrived there on ETA of 18.30... now ready for much anticipated food and drink...Phil and his team didn't disappoint! :clap:clap:clap


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Had heard that they had stopped the hire boats from crossing breydon on Sunday.

We crossed on Monday and there were a few hire boats really struggling - one even turned around :o

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Bathtubs Rule :pirate :pirate :pirate

Maybe I should try taking my Bathtub to the Sunk.

With the weather being as it has been these last few days I sure would not be going much slower :naughty::naughty:

Glad it went OK John.


Yes, they do, Rod! But possibly only if driven by seamen (did I spell that correctly?)??? :bow:bow

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Now that looked like great fun Andy

I must say the Lowliner's do handle these conditions very well.


It certainly did. I had to watch it twice, and it made me wish i was doing it now, but i think if WE crossed Breydon in weather as bad as that, Karen would NEVER go on the Broads again, especially on Swallow, as she`s only 28ft long. Small compared to a nice Lowliner, and she would DEFINATELY bounce around a lot more. Massive fun though :naughty::naughty: . Regards to all (you lucky sods :cry ) ......................... Neil.

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We were also crossing Breydon yesterday (2-5-11) :bow:bow:bow



I`ve just watched it again, have you got any more footage Andy, it gives me a real buzz just watching it :naughty::naughty::naughty: .

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Hi Col & Neil,

It was fantastic and ES did handle extreamly well. Unfortunately we dont have any other footage but we all got totally soaked!



thats all part of the fun :grin::grin:


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Well i'm still waiting :naughty:

Paul, Hi

Well, after Saturday, Sunday could only be regarded as a "walk in the park"!!!

It was a glorious Broads morning, sunshine, unlimited visibility and, initially, the river to ourselves!

We'd had the obligatory mugs of tea/coffee and scrambled eggs on toast by 06.30..... (all cooked by YT) and decided to get on our way at 0645... :dance

Acle was packed! No room at the Bridge and wall to wall hire boats both sides of the river upstream of the bridge as far as the moorings go. We didn't see another boat underway until after Thurne Mouth and then only a few until Horning. Kathy was helming all the way and she was steering small in a very pleasing manner! (Her first experience of helming). :clap:clap:clap


Passing Salhouse Broad we looked in; it was quiet and peaceful! (unlike in ten days???) :naughty::naughty::naughty:


We finally moored up at Barnes Brinkcraft and the "crew" offered to clean all the salt off Friday Girl! Surprisingly I didn't refuse the offer!


Kathy is on a month's holiday and she said that this was the highlight of her visit so far! :Stinky:Stinky:Stinky

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Hi Everybody, New Member, First post.With regards to crossing Breydon in bad weather, reminds me of our last crossing in 2006.We had ended up on Oulton Broad for the night, and the following morning the Wife decided that she wanted to get back to the northern rivers.

We left Oulton at about 10. 30 in weather that I would describe as not fit for any Sailor.(I have had plenty of experience at Sea in small boats).The rain was lashing down, cloud almost to the water and the wind was getting stronger. However I plodded on and when we got to Breydon, it surprised me in that I did not think the Waves could get so high on an Inland Waterway. The seas were about four feet high at the start and the further across we got the waves were in excess of five to six feet and the wind was on the port quarter from the north.

The boat we had was Autumn Horizon 30 foot long. What a "crap" boat for bad weather.Like a Pregnant Elephant.Visability across was almost zero, and to keep between the posts I had to keep to the left of the rivers being blown onto the mud outside the righthand posts.

Anyway, we made it across ok. The Wife was decidely green when we passed the Bridge. Got back to Acle about 6pm.

Would loved to have been out again last weekend.

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Wow...I'm sure glad my plans were changed not to visit the southern Broads after seeing those pictures and the video!

Not quite ready for that!

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Depends on how many beers IMV consume per hour, David... Nick and Kathy manage two pints per hour each! cheersbar cheersbar

Hi John, Is that why you didn't get to try the Pale Rider :naughty:

Do i have to fetch some more down for next time cheersbarcheersbar:party::party::party2::party2:

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:wave hi john loved the video, did'nt think it was too bad, it was abit like that when me & my sister went across a couple of years ago, but nobody stopped us from going across, we were bouncing all the way across, i loved it but my sister did'nt she stayed inside, whimp,we were in a centre cockpit boat so it could take it. it was great. :dance lori
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