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3 minutes ago, Lulu said:

What sort of things could be salvaged from it that would be worth the money?  Looks like it will just collapse if it’s moved! 

:default_badday:  I notice that the two highest bidders have very low feedback - if thats true to e bay form - I reckon

it will still be available after the auction ends!? :default_smile:

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As i see it if Marthams got it it would be a spare set of all the used parts for one (or more) of their boats, steering gear, hardware, an engine if it has one, a complete set of hardware for a boat, that might just keep one of their fleet afloat for a few more years, with original period parts, it might even provide template parts or direct replacement parts for some of the timberwork, remember they cleared out their yard a few years back, well for a few hundred pounds and a transport fee, they would have a set of donor spares. ditto anyone else restoring a wooden boat, a set of spares and maybe some useable timber for that price is cheap, thats the route acorn to arrabella went, buying a similar boat to the one they were building, just for the hardware.

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I reckon that if you are in the business of restoring wooden boats, all the metal fixtures and fittings, engine and marinising parts could not be bought for that money. With JM's £75 for bundles of kindling on top, that makes it a bargain :default_biggrin:

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16 minutes ago, JanetAnne said:

I would be very very surprised if it would not lift and transport. 

Might depend on who lifts her! A cheap-jack HIAB set up could be lethal. I well remember an attempt at Oulton Broad to lift an old woody at the never to be maritime museum, it didn't survive the lift let alone being lowered. The gunwales went first! Quite dramatic it was! 

I hope that the new owner will be able to finish what they have started. 

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No money at all: How much does a hobby cost? Don't answer.

You have a lovely secluded part of Leicestershire with a private parking spot, around 1/2 to 3/4 hour's very pleasant walk to Foxton Locks which is nice day out (2 x pubs and the inclined plane museum). From Foxton you can walk further either above the locks or take the branch towards Market Harborough. Of course the other way from Debdale takes you towards Leicester, another nice tow path walk. When you get back to Debdale after walking you have this shed like place where you can sit and relax, keep a stove and have nice cup of tea or meal before going home.

Oh, and as an added bonus you have the chance to slowly get the shed looking like something resembling a boat, which you could take a week's holiday in.

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3 minutes ago, Vaughan said:

You don't even lift GRP boats, without spreaders!

Not if you know what you are doing! I've seen several GRP cabin sides and cockpit combings broken due to the lack of spreaders when lifted by HIABS. 

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