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Spring Meet, Yesterday

Hockham Admiral

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cheersbar:clapice slice Well... come wind, rain or (occasionally!) shine... you guys and girls can party!

Really heartfelt thanks to Barry and Olive for their sterling efforts to make it a success! :clap:clap:clap

Without Barry's marquee ( or "tent" as he insisted on calling it) we wouldn't have had half such a good time! :bow:bow:bow

Yesterday morning was bright and sunny; Dan, John and James helped Barry erect his "tent"!



An early departer rocked us about somewhat....


Roy and Dianne arrived a bit later...



Lori (LoziBare...) turned up and gave us a bit of tongue.......... :o:o:o


John looked perplexed.....


While Barry was demonstrating the Twist??? to Lorri and Roy.......... :lol::lol::lol:


Meantime 'The Ladies' were enjoying refreshments on Friday Girl cheerscheerscheers


And, finally, Evening Star turned up with TEN onboard.................... :bow:bow:bow:bow


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Hi all. We called in on way home just to say hi and show our faces. Unfortunately

we could'nt stay very long due to commitments at home. :(

Hope the rain wasn't too bad for you all?

Thanks to those that met us and made us both feel welcome.

With any luck we will get to the Southern meet but again, home commitments

will play a part as to wether we make it.


Bill and Jenny.

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:wave hi all just seen photos, i look awful, :o but it was really nice to meet you at all at last,sorry if we made a few waves on way out, only just got back to boatyard with 5 minutes to spare as we got stuck behind the big belle ferry, feeling sad today being back at home & the weather does'nt help being drab, hope you all had a great time, sorry we could'nt stay longer, it seemt to go so fast, :cry maybe next time we 'll try & stay longer. lorraine, ;)
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Good to see everyone, really enjoyed it.

Thanks to Barry for organising it, providing the shelter, some rather impressive & mightily tasty (not to mention highly alcoholic!) punch & John (Hockham Admiral) for producing an impressive number (and a couple of amusingly shaped!) jacket spuds.... Jimbob for providing a rather sleek & comfortable floaterised home and Mr Jonzo for some enlightening revelations!

cheers for some great company and a chuckle or two everyone cheersbar


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:lol: Yes a great weekend! Special thanks to Barry for his endless genourosity, which goes a long way to making these meetups so much fun :clap And to Hockham John for turning over his oven to a mountain of 'POTATOES'!!!

Looking forward to seeing you all again........Great bunch :clap

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As ever ,good company ,good food and a few drinkies (you don't see often Diane with a big glass of wine like that and it showed later :dance:party: ) putting names to faces ,Nice to meet you Lorraine and Bill and Jenny . The weather never seems to dampen the spirits at these events and it was helped by the much appreciated accommodation from Barry and Olive that allowed us to dine in comfort all seated round tables ,despite rain and hail at one point.As usual it was well past the witching hour when the candles were blown out ;) Well done to to all who turned up and the help to make it another good weekend. cheersbar

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Well we are back at last from our trip up north for the Salhouse NBN meet up. Tired but happy that it went very well,not as many people turned up as i expected but hey ho we all had a great time.. There was also a Free mornings session if you wanted to go in a canoe..

Many thanks to the Tent Team who helped me put it up Dan,Jimbo,Jonzo and Roy. and it served us well as the stormy conditions later on tested it to the full with thunder and lightning and heavy rain all around us there was some nervous looks around the table but we survived another day.. Typical that Norfolk has had very little rain this year but it dumped some of it on us on the saturday..

The Alcoholic fruit 2 gallon of punch went down very well i know i had about 15 cups full (Hic) and i think same for the rest of the party.. Thanks to John (Hockham Admiral) who provided a bagfull of baked spuds for the BBQ.

The Hot Curry sauce i made also seemed quite popular on the baked spuds but not on my Salad ugh.. :o

Simon (Plesbit) managed to walk from his house in Salhouse which was no mean feat due to his metallic legs situation..

It was another late night had by all but we enjoyed your company folks..

It was nice to meet Lozibear briefly as she had to take the boat back.

Thanks once again to the many helpers on the day it does help the day go well..

We are glad everyone enjoyed themselves..

Here are a couple of pics i took before it kicked off,don't know where everyone was.



Oh By the way on our trip back to Oulton Broad we encountered 2 Stranded Hireboats left high and dry not a pretty site as one of them is farther over than i have ever seen so should have to wait around 3 hours to get safely off the mud, lessons to be learned here DO NOT PROCEED BEYOND THE POSTS THEY ARE THERE FOR A REASON..


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Great to hear everybody had a good time, but sorry to hear about the weather. I know that whenever Karen and i want to do something specific, "Old Sod" rears his ugly head and often trys to put the mockers on it. However, at least you all made the best of it and had a good time. Regards to all ................... Neil.

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To be honest Neil, the weather wasn't an issue! The showers we got passed as quick as they arrived....It was sitting under a tree in a tent that got a few of us sweating during the thunder storm :shocked

The only time i was sweating Jimbo was when i ate my HOT Curry sauce along with 15 cups of Punch.. :lol::lol::lol:cheersbarcheers

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Brill thanks, Lori

Sat in the Sutton Staithe Hotel with a pint or few for company! cheersbarcheersbarcheersbar

:wave glad you're both enjoying yourselves, i'm so jealous, after i saw those awful pics of me that you put on i've got myself back on the treadmill again :lol::lol: & i got rid of that awful cardigan , did'nt realise how much weight i'd put on, :( hope the weather stays nice for you while you're down there. lori cheers

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Lori, Hi

Don't do that.. I'd say you're just lovely and cuddly!! :clap:clap:clap

Is this the start of something wonderful,........... or is it just John trying to sweet talk some poor innocent defenceless young waife into polishing Friday Girl? :lol::lol::lol:

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Is this the start of something wonderful,........... or is it just John trying to sweet talk some poor innocent defenceless young waife into polishing Friday Girl? :lol::lol::lol:

Oh Dear, Neil... now you're in more trouble! :clap:clap:clap

"Friday Girl" is named after my wife, Mary-Jane, whom I met on a blind date on a Friday! Lori polishing her?? CU soon! :naughty::naughty:

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