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Watercolour Picture Location?

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I have a watercolour picture by Leslie L H Moore that I inherited from my father and I have been trying to identify the location. Does anybody have any ideas?

The image is not great due to glass reflection but there is a church tower in the lower right back ground and I think it was probably painted in the 1950/60's


many thanks Kevin

Leslie L H Moore.jpg

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It could, I suppose just about be St Benet's Level Drainage Mill i.e. the one opposite Thurne Mill for those who didn't know, with Ranworth Church in the background.

Turf Fen is not an impossibility either, but it would have to be Horning Church you can see but all down there around that church, is shrouded with many trees - the lack of trees could suggest possibly an earlier date.

But equally, I have to say it strikes me as possibly a generic Broadland view, with a wind pump, osiers, a distant church and lots of pretty sailing boats within the distant view, combined with a liberal dash of artistic licence!!!


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I looked at Leslie LH Moore's "sales catalogue"


but couldn't find this exact view. He was a quite prolific artist of what I would call the "wherry and windmill" school, to my mind a cut above many of the others.  He painted a lot of named mills but also some generic ones such as "A Norfolk Mill" Take a look, you might find clues there that eluded me.

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Thank you for all the replies.


The artist was born in 1907 so possible it is even earlier than I thought and certainly looking at the lack of trees and foliage its possible. The mill in question would have probably also deteriorated quite a bit. I have been looking on Google Earth and both suggestions made would probably work but without seeing the topography of the land is difficult to say.I must admit before posting this I was leaning towards a generic Broadland scene.

My father had an art supplies shop in Norwich from the 1950-1980's and I always understood he had obtained it from the artist as the result of some barter arrangement.

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I would suggest whichever it is, if it were indeed either, there remains a fair bit of artistic licence, making a very pleasant Broadland scene!

Get it reframed sometime - the answer will probably be on the back of the picture!!!!

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