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Sorry not to have made it along to the meet at Salhouse Broad on the 15th May but after picking our boat up a wee bit late, the weather changed to rain/hail and thunder and lightening, not that you need me to tell you that if you were at the meet!

So we never made it away from Potter Heigham until about 6pm which left no time to get to Salhouse before dark. I hope you all had a great time and enjoyed the meet.

So that leaves me to say a big thanks to all those members that helped my week be a pretty darn good one despite the weather.

I never ran into another boat, I easily moored up and was able to turn the boat around on a sixpence!! I even enjoyed one night up at Neatishead in that small little mooring, not an easy task to get a 35' boat turned around when the mooring was almost full! Ok, I did have a little help from some other fellow boaters. We even crossed Breydon water against the wind and tide...it was hard work.

We travelled the full length of the Broads from Potter Heigham to Stalham, down to Beccles and then back up to Salhouse, Horning and Wroxham.

You may have spotted us as it was my 50th birthday that week and so my fellow companions had tied balloons and banners to the boat for the week! cheersbar

My most memorable sight of the week was seeing a Richardson boat high and dry in the rushes between Burgh Castle and St Olaves. I'll try to stick a photo of it on here.

Most disappointing thing was the lack of moorings at Wroxham. I was looking forward to spending sometime there but we just turned around and headed back to Horning.

So cheers everyone....had a great week and I will be back. I may get a boat with a bow thruster on next time though ;)

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If it was this weekend, then there is a picture of a hire boat high and dry on the iPhone thread.

If so you must have passed us all moored up at Burgh Castle last weekend :wave

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There are several hire yards at Wroxham, so you could have moored there free of charge. Also, if you had a boat that could get under the bridge, there are lots of moorings on the north bank, some right in front of the pub, and the BA free moorings just past the railway bridge. At least you had a good time which was the main thing. Hopefully, you`ll be wanting to return pretty soon :naughty::naughty::naughty: . Regards .................. Neil.

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Some peoples call it a hurringcane ZZZZZZZ just admitted it you could not be bother, excusing excusing, by th ways sorry i did not turn up but you know how it is being , snow , ice errupting volcanoes landslides and earthqwakesetc

Rammy, your irrelevent drivel just gets worse.................. :cry:cry:cry

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There is always this option:

1st. Take as many squirrels as you would like add salt and pepper. 2nd. Put squirrels on grill, bbq whatever let cook for a while, then add some liquid smoke or soy sauce on top and around squirrels. 3rd. When the squirrels are almost done cooking smear BBQ sauce all over the squirrels and let cook until done...( you can use any BBQ sauce you would like or you can try my very own recipe) located at below


1 cup brown sugar

2 1/2 cup ketchup

3/4 cup mustard

3/4 cup liquid smoke or worcestershire sauce

( you can add as much or as little sugar as you want)

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How long do we have to put up with this, David?

As Jim says John, many have used the ignore or foe facility so they do not have to read his asinine drivel, a boon I sadly cannot allow myself. Nor can the other moderators for obvious reasons. It should be remembered that personal attacks on members like Ramjet made on you can result in suspension or ban, no personal attack can be considered as made on Ramjet however, (any more than one could make a personal attack on Sooty or Muffin the bloody Mule come to that), he, like they are a fiction and as such have no “significant personalityâ€.

Ramjet, I will appeal to your creator’s better side, please stop irritating real people whilst the you still have somewhere interesting to go.

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