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When I do go on a hire boat I find it is not a good idea to throw a mud weight. You could possibly take a lump out of the boat or lose your balance when doing so. 

when deploying a mud weight, make sure it is tied onto a cleat, make sure the rope will not snare your ankles and just drop it over the side.

I cannot perceive that the mud weight would gain any extra velocity on hitting the bottom by throwing it horizontally. You would only get extra velocity by throwing it up in the air which is not a good idea. 

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2 hours ago, grendel said:

i thought the whole idea of throwing it sideways was to get an angle on the rope.

There is no need to throw the mud weight, the boat will naturally drift away from the mud weight and provides that angle.

Just think about it, all those boats with snazzy winches and the mud weight hanging on the bows don't throw their mud weights, they just lower them.

In all possibility the boatyards often do not provide enough warp to get a decent angle anyway. Just like using an anchor you should have at least three three times warp to the depth the boat is expected to moor in.

One of the main reasons that mud weights drag is that the warp is pulled taut after deployment and of course as the wind acts on the boat it levers the mud weight out of the mud and drags it. Its pure physics really, leverage and all that stuff.  

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