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Hi All.

After many years ocassional boating on the broads, I'm now looking to purchase my own relatively traditional cruiser with a low Air draught so we can go anywhere. Does anyone manufacturer a modern day equivelant of the Freeman or similar?

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi John, you don`t say what your budget is, also, how big a boat you`re looking for etc. I don`t know if it`s what you`re looking for, but forumite "Dan" has Descovery 850 for sale, which has had lots of new fixtures and fittings added last year. It`s up for sale on Norfolk boat sales website at a little under £10,000, which in all honesty represents good value when you add up all the new fittings etc. I would also like to add, i`m definately NOT going to get any form of commision for telling you about it, ......... shame really :lol: . Good luck in your search, and please let us know more of your requirements etc. Regards ............... Neil.

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Depends entirely on how much you have to spend! Seamasters are being manufactured by Viking and there is the Viking range itself. Also Shetland make the 27. As for go anywhere, I suspect that whatever you buy will be at the mercy of the tides in relation to Potter bridge. I think Dolphin may also still be making boats.

Silverline Marine at Brundall are building "Silver Melody", a 27, which is a very traditional rear cockpit cruiser.



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Whether you can get under Potter in anything other than a sub I would not know.

Senator, I think there may be depth restrictions here so your suggested alternative craft is most definitely not viable.

You really should to more research before coming up with "bonkers" sugestions. :norty:;)

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Maybe Bonkers but a tunnelling machine on the front would make it viable, Ha never thought of that did you :grin:

Seriously though I have never been above potter, as much as I am curious and have been told how lovely it is I personally would not even contemplate giving up the comforts of a boat that won't pass through in order to do so.

Guess it depends what you want from the boat as much as go anywhere, you are definitely going to have to compromise all the time if you want to occasionally pass through Potter when tides allow.

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To be perfectly honest, I can't get under PH bridge, even with a Seamaster 27, but I'm not bothered at all, as really, Hicking Broad doesn't hold any fascination for me anyway. The rest of the Broads has so much more to offer. The reason I can't get under the bridge, is that my windscreens don't lay flat, and this makes it just a bit too high. To be honest again, I doubt that the boat will even be able to get under Wroxham, never tried, but as I know what's above the bridge, I'm quite happy to stay downstream of it.

If going for a rear cockpit type of boat, great, but be sure the windscreens fold flat, they could make the world of difference.


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