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Jills job application

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i think this post in the lounge may have something to do with it ;):grin:


by jill_R » Tue Mar 10, 2009 6:36 am

hi peeps

ive been head of complaints for over 2 years now and feel its time for a change.

so if you have a complaint, please PM any member of the team with the details

and we will post it in the members complaints area of the team room

where it will be discussed with the team and a final decision

will be made and we will let you know our decision as soon as we can.

thanks jill

updated 3/6/11

jill cheers

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I am just liker to say goodbye to our most favoured complaint woman mod , Jill-R, over the years she haved been a large old stone for us to clutch on to in a flood , , she will be saderly missed as a moderator of complaints. She leaved a message on mine answer it phone saying she haved to leave as she was in hers nineties, a good age to pull out i feel (Sorry i am just listend to it again and she was actual in hers nighties , making some hot coco)Many of you haved presume the -R is stand for Ramjet, you are most probable correct as we did have geography

Any old way my pointer is be , there is now a gap in the Mod wall and i will , purely as a favour to Brian the Snail, fill this crevice if reqwire , I come with large experients and am be already a mod on many other Broads web sites included .org .

All of those in favour of me becomed the complaint mod say I , and those who is wishing to blacked balls me say Nay , Angel or devils , you decided

Large Regards Ramjet

not a imposter , but a funnyest poster

:wave hi rammy i'll vote for you under one condition, that you put a proper pic of yourself on. :lol:

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