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To stop me getting bored sat at home I decided now the bike is finished I would look for another project.  I did think about a paddle board but I don’t think I would use it much so decided on a Canoe.

Me being me I didn’t want to just go out and buy one so took to the internet to search for wooden kits, I finally settled on a Canadian Canoe from Fyne Boat Kits.  The kit was duly delivered within 5 days and unpacking the box you pick up an item and think what on Earth is this bit so I forced my self to sit down and read the build manual.


The manual is very good and explains things in a very logical way.  First job to glue the planks together as they come in two half’s but the joints are already cut.  Once the joints were coated with epoxy and wrapped in plastic the planks were clamped port and starboard together to make sure they are the same shape.  The planks were then weighed down with a couple of batteries and left to cure.

Once the joints were cleaned up they are clamped back to back and 1.5mm holes drilled round all four edges at 15mm spacing the planks are then held together with copper wire left loose until all the planks are installed.  This process was repeated for the next two planks until it starts to take shape a temporary bulkhead is fitted in the centre of the boat to hold the planks apart. Once all four planks are fitted the wire will be slowly tightened until all the planks sit nicely together..






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I saw one of these finished and on the water the other day. I passed comment on it to the owner as it looked stunning. He said it was from a kit and he was well pleased with the whole thing.


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It’s definitely progressing, all four planks fitted and forward bulkhead fitted the centre bulkhead is just a temporary one and will be removed once the hull is epoxied.  Once the rear bulkhead is fitted the planks will be adjusted to get them fair then the inside joints will have an epoxy fillet applied before the wire is removed. 



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3 hours ago, Victoryv said:

Is it a one man job Doug ?

Most can be done on your own but you need to be careful with the planks as the joints are very fragile and will easily snap. A willing helper would make wiring the planks much easier although i managed on my own but supporting the end on a box 

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1 hour ago, Timbo said:

Looking good. Just one thing...have you done a Gibbs from NCIS? How you going to get it out of the conservatory?

That's his next Lockdown project take down and rebuild it.


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Obviously it's not going out the conservatory door, who wants a canoe stuck in their back garden? :facepalm:

Doug will be taking it out the front door ready to take for its maiden voyage 

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Progress has been a bit slow of late due to working on Nipper to get her ready for launch next week. 
I have turned the hull over ready to epoxy the outer seams  and apply a length of fibre glass tape to the centre seam  once done it will be ready to attach the rubbing strakes. 



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