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Short-term patch?

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They really got that done quickly. They must have various sections of hulls of different types already laid up "just incase"?. But they`ve done a remarkable job, and when it`s finished the season, they`ll be able to blend out the paint masking line, and you`ll never know it.

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We saw another badly damaged boat at Norwich yesterday. I VERY large dent in the Bow. The ranger advised that the boatyard were aware and that the group of lads were having to return the boat 2 days early. Didn't get a chance to take a pic though. They must have hit something extremely hard!

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Bill, I doubt they have spare hull mouldings or part mouldings lying around waiting (I stand to be corrected, but if they do it's only going to be fleets the size of Richos where that'd be at all practical). In this case, if I were specifying the repair, I'd be happy for them to grind back the edges of the (admittedly quite wide) crack (preferably on the inside if access is possible), get all the bits lined up, and then stick it back together with plenty of glass and epoxy (after that, when the flap is secure again, I'd start sounding around the ends of the crack for delamination, especially where the flap was acting as a hinge, then grind out and repair all of that).

If there was just a big hole with nothing to glue back into place, if the moulds are available then a patch can be made and laminated into place, or a mould of the relevant area might be able to be made from a sister vessel (although that's potentially a very big job), or some sort of temporary mould created so that a patch can be laminated in-situ.

Whilst this sort of repair job is definitely not one I'd want to have to deal with in the context of a booked-out hire boat (whatever method is chosen, it's going to take a few days), finding a solution to problems like this is the kind of challenge that makes working with boats interesting. There's a lot of job satisfaction in working out how to do it and then successfully executing your plan. :)

Oh, from the location of the damage, and the size and nature of the hole, if I had to bet money on it I'd go for them having rammed the corner of a quayheading at reasonably high speed.

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I dont know how I managed to miss this one, the hirer took his eye off the ball and went into a corner of quay headding in Wroxham, she came home and was repaired for the next hire,

we have 3 hire fleet laminators and have seen plenty of different challenges, there is normally one or two boats pulled out on a turn round with repairs to be done but a job like this would take the best part if a whole day to sort out, it has to be done properly as it will be bouncing off the quays for a few more years and we dont want chunks of filler to fall out!!

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That's fast work Clive, but I suppose if you've got three people who do that job day-in, day-out, then they're going to be quicker (and probably better) than those of us who have to turn our hand to it less regularly. I also agree that bodging things back together is not an option - I've seen plenty of quick repairs done with filler (on various boats, hire and private), and they don't tend to last more than a couple of months or one collision before they begin to fall apart.

Nice to see I was right about the cause of the damage too, although it wasn't that hard to work out that they must have hit something very solid with a corner a couple of feet above water level, which narrows down the possibilities considerably.

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