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Breydon Water Currently Closed To Hire Craft Due To Weather Conditions

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Dear All

Urgent Boating News - Breydon Water is currently closed to hire craft due to adverse weather conditions.

Kind Regards

Laura Milner

Administrative Officer Operations

Broads Authority 

Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road, Norwich NR1 1RY

Please note that my normal working days are Tuesday to Friday. 

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it didnt seem that bad as i crossed it earlier, though i did have a trailing wind and waves, and needed 1/4 turn of rudder to go straight.

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Just a question, if I may. Were I on a hire boat and heading to cross Breydon Water, to return my boat to the yard for example, how would I find out about the closure? At what point in the journey North would I see a sign to this effect? What would be the consequences if I was unable to return my boat as a result?

Not that I am going to be in such a situation for at least another year!


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I think they tend to have a ranger at the western end who would send you back. I'm not sure what would happen if a boat was delayed getting back to the yard. Interesting one. 

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The Broads beat people are usually patrolling Breydon, stopping any hirecraft from continuing on, so you would probably be "met" as you enter from Burgh Castle or Berney Arms. It happenede once to me. We were advised to turn around and wait at Berney Arms.

As regards what would happen with the delay in getting home, not sure. I guess you would need to call the yard for advice. They may arrange to start the next hire from some point between the yard and your location, depending where you end up on the final day. 

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Spirit of Breydon was patrolling up and down, mind you, i was nearly 3/4 of the way across before i met them, and travelling with the wind and waves, by the time i went through about 10 minutes after slack ended, the bridge was at 8 foot, the boats i saw headed down as i went up the bure some would have struggled to get through after i came through, the wind was piling the water in Breydon up at the Great Yarmouth end. so at this point it would have been b etter to be stopping people coming in at the other end.

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