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This Suprised Me

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June the 16th, up river on Little Mink II for my traditional first day of the season, I spent the afternoon catching bream up to 5lbs on the feeder and getting wet in the odd heavy shower.

It was getting on in the day and I was starting to consider the steam back to WRC to recover my boat when the quivertip dipped once more.

I lifted my rod and connected with what I thought was another bream coming across the flow easily, when two rod lenghts out all hell broke loose. I played the fish for 15 minutes as I only had a 1.5lb hook link to 4lb line and thankfully slipped my net under this. 8.5lb in the net, so I'll give it 8lb.


An immaculate river Waveney Koi, dont think I'll ever see one of these in my net again. I only handled the fish for the photo, and then slipped it straight back in and packed up. I had a very smug feeling as I headed down stream to WRC.

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It probably started out as a youngster being someones garden pond specimen, and either got dumped into the river when they became overstocked, or got tired of the chores of pond maintainance , due to them being rather prolific breeders, and quite dirty fish to keep regards needing regular filter cleaning, or it escaped during a flood! :naughty::lol:

Julz :wave

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It makes you wonder, doesn't it, what is exactly in our rivers. We know of catfish, terrapins, snapping turtles, signal crayfish, mink and odd foriegn plants. What next, the odd cayman or alligator. :o:o:o

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