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BA loves your money !!


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The point that isn't being bought out here is this;

There was a recommendation to reduce the amount of toll payers navigational fund to be used for administration at DragonsDen House from £200,000 to £100,000 but this was delayed due to the 'expected' decision on whether they had secured an ADDITIONAL £800,000 of EU money and then a decision would be made. It is this second £100,000 the article refers to as the £100,000 has already been nicked. Despite receiving this grant my understanding is that BA have decided to go back on their statement and use the excuse that due to governmental cuts this second £100,000 is also necessary to take into the budget thus £200,000 total.

n top of the fact that they seem to be cutting everything on the waterway and yet in DragonsDen House they plough on with the same incompetence - I sent in an application for the Navigational Committee and they haven't even dignified me with a reply or acknowledgement yet for example, and seem to be steaming in their own self importance and opulance, is just bloody disheartening.

The Authority have people too-well connected and it is about time there was a real change.

Lastly this has annoyed me even more

He highlighted the fact navigation work would be maintained at the same level in the coming three years despite a projection that toll rises could be reduced to 4pc.

Toll rises REDUCED to 4%, and where prey tell, is this in line with any inflation figures as promised earlier this year

'We aim to keep any future rises broadly in line with national inflation targets

Yes they like our money, but are they working for the good and benefit of the Broads main users, the ones who actually pay to use the Broads - quite simply NO

To put this into context here are some outrageous ideas that could be fielded... Wroxham, were it not for the fact that there is a lovely Broadland river running through it, would be like any other Norfolk town. So whereas all the hire boat operators have to pay a toll to get their business maybe Roys should pay a footfall charge for the fact it has built a huge business on the back of it, no instead it pays UBR like any other business...

Or maybe, there are so many lovely walks around Norfolk, the British Canoe Union has a shared arrangement to allow canoeists the chance to use the Broads and they pay a fee for their annual useage, Maybe, seeing as many of the Boradland walks are on private land not deemed as Public Footpaths (nor public Rights of Way) Just like the BCU pay an annual subsidy donation enbloc to the Broads, the Ramblers Association pay too, in fact the walkers should maybe pay a one off annual payment or at least 'donation' boxes similar to the ones at the water points be placed on route.

Lastly, DragonSlayer House, someone mentioned they watch the workers gathering outside more than working inside - I'm not sure who, but remember they are Public Workers and we have the right to monitor their work output, Lets webcam the offices so we can all see what a hard job they are doing!

Bloody angry as the original article was obviously very cleverly written with a big hand from the BA.

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