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The weekends boating

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This is Beachy Head on Saturday at the most benign I have ever seen the sea conditions!


And this is sunrise over the Greater Gabbard on Sunday.

Delivered a boat to Lowestoft from Portsmouth over the weekend and the conditions were near as perfect as you could get.

Left Pompey at 0400 with 3 POB with a good forecast. Very little traffic exiting the Solent but saw a couple of big P&O cruise ships inbound to Soton. Went though the Looe channel as we enjoyed a couple of Bacon sandwiches and settled down to the realization of a long, slow passage to Lowestoft.Nothing more to add to the tedium untill crossing from Dungey to dover the navigation lights were not working. So diverted into Dover and made some 'adjustments' and exited the western entrance to continue.

The passage up the Gull was interesting as the owner was ill and left myself and the engineer to complete the passage. very little traffic around and the trip went well.

Just made the 1600 bridge into Lowestoft after a 36 hour passage at 5 Knts.

Long, tiring and boring!!!!


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Gosh, Paul... that takes me back to a passage we made from Salcombe to Brundall many years ago in our newly purchased Freeward 30 Motor Sailor... we could make 6kts under power and we did stop off in Ramsgate for a couple of beers! I recollect it took us about three days and nights...

Yes lots of boredom but, by golly, we did enjoy ourselves! :clap:clap:clap

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Sounds good to me Paul, I like boring, at least you can make breakfast without it going all over the galley, distant memories of displacement cruising and sail, sometimes I miss it a bit....... but not often. :yawn::naughty:

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