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Is is back to how it used to be


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I have fond memories of fantastic fishing on the broads,as a kid, great catches of bream, tench on Hickling, decent pike and plentiful roach, then it all seemed to die in the 70s, talk of dsease, primnesium, salt influx etc. Recently I have become a "born again coarse angler" and once again seen good catches of bream and decent pike. Is it my imagination, are the good old days back, or did they never go away and are they as good. Only thing that seems to be missing are the eels, only caught one in the last few years, not that I don,t mind not catching them but it is sad if they are not there


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Hi Gordon

I agree the fishing has improved over the last few years. However, I have noticed a sudden down turn in catches this season. :(

As stated in the link supplied by Perry the recent salt influx has made a difference. You may remember we had a previous salt wash earlier in the year also.

I do hope that this has not caused long term damage to stocks and hope that next season improves.

With regard to eels, I totaly agree, as a child every second catch was an eel and another hook of course! I think over the last 4 years I have only caught 2 eels. I am definitely not complaining.


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Thanks for the info chaps. Interesting article there Perry with one or two alarming bits with regards the long lining and the trawling. There seems to be a lot of concern about large fish being caught for the pot, didn't know they were being exported as well. Never been happy about the freshwater fish being sold as bait. I can relate to the eel comments Col


Gordon :santawave:

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That sounds very dissapointing Dave, I wonder what makes you think that. They say that many of our rivers are getting cleaner. I recall sadly watching a river die in the 60's, the Little Ouse at Brandon, I recall excellent fishing, the large chubb that no-one could catch under the bridge that almost taunted us. That river was crystal clear and we used to swim in its fresh clear water. Father used to tell us it was one of the best dace rivers. Then almost overnight industry came to Thetford and down river everything died, no-one dared swim in it any more :cry: Gordon

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