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Enough is Enough - Fishermen Are So Bloomin Rude

MY littleboat

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Look I really am not trying to upset anyone on here who is an angler as I know we have some really accomplished ones on here as forum members who I know wouldn't behave like this, but to put it very simply, on Monday night we ran back in the evening from Oulton Broad to Reedham at a very very slow pace (Took 2 and a half hours) and we saw umpteen anglers as it seemed, being a lovely evening, that everyone was out for a bite - however NONE bar one single guy - and I'm talking over 20, raised his line or rod as we passed, indeed two even cast accross our bow - Now I'm 100% sure if we were in the Broads Navigation launch every single one would have been lifted, and usually, especially on the Yare, most do lift, but on the Waveny.. except the one at the end of his garden on Oulton Dyke, not a single one!!!!

What is going on over this stretch of the river - why so badly behaved?

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I believe the etiquette is to do a short dip before raising ......... this salute is only reserved for royalty, not plebs like you. :naughty:

Bloomin hell Loolaloo DOnt tell everyone, I thought that was a secret!

Mark - I only tok the one surfing - most of them had cast completely accross the river!

W44nty - Now now, wait til the end of the season and we will re-assess that position shall we?

And as for a little blue light - just wait til you see my 'cocktail lounge'!!!

As for how come it took two and a half hours - Blame Annie - she keeps knocking the rocker switch for the windlass!!!!


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I once took a line away with my sailing boat... unattended rod, light fading, on the river bank at Potter... Nothing I could do, but I felt sorry for the chap... he came out and reeled in the remains after the line finally broke, but he didn't even say anything!

I would always do my best to avoid rods on a wide stretch if I am motoring, but it's not so easy in a place like that... or if tacking!

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Took a spool of fishing line off from behind my prop last year. this year water in the outdrive through the prop seal. Dont know how much a float and a real of line is but the outdrive was £300 to mend. It isn't the fisherman I feel sorry for.

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