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Forum Update

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One of the most noticeable things is the 'ranks' next to a user's avatar.

At the moment everyone is showing as a 'Newbie', I think that will update over the next few hours to reflect how long people have been posting.

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Its just a shiny new feature added by the forum developers that they think that nobody can possibly live without, to justify the constant upgrades of the software, I wouldnt worry about it ian, you still show as a full member, and it seems everybody is a newbie according to the wonderful new feature, give it time and it will sort itself out.

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Speaking as a newbie  :default_smiley-angelic002: I think it's great fun that we can earn little badges to go with our avatar.

Will there be one for needlework? Or domestic science? or perhaps fieldcraft? I am glad to see I haven't earned one as a "BA basher" - at least not at the moment!

Maybe the mods will award me one called "sails close to the wind".

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5 minutes ago, Vaughan said:

Wow! I have just been upgraded to veteran!  Do I get a pension with that?  I suppose the next one up from there is "old fart".

That would be the 'Uncle Albert' Long Service Gong, followed by the Wussername 'Antequam Romam' plaque on the wall!

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19 minutes ago, Chelsea14Ian said:

I'm  still a newbie:default_biggrin:

Long way to go yet, mate!

One wonders if there may be some soul out there in cyberspace, looking down on us and "pushing the buttons"!   :default_icon_evil:

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There'll be a process running in the background counting the number of posts for members etc.

These things can take hours and hours to run and may only update when people post etc.

Don't read too much into it at this stage.

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Why is it an Update to a system fills everyone with dread?

Do you not realise there are thousands of people employed to fix things that are not broken!

Feedback Feedback.

Everyone has to leave feedback. well I don't.



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I want to know if it's like Brownie badges. 

We could have these....

I fell in

:155_couple_with_heart: BA

Three sheets to the wind

Zig Zagger

Stinky Steerer

Wet Shed Wonder

Runs on Beer






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I'll plump for the last.

Another only posting to see what happens......

Woohoo! I just earned a posting machine badge! How did I ever live without whatever that is?

what the flip?

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Will there be an award ceremony thread where we can thank everyone and make tearful speeches?! 


Hey! You just earned the 'Posting Machine' badge! 

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Thank you thank you!

Sob sob

I'd like to thank the pesky's for not banning me (yet).


And I'd like to thank my friends and family for being there for me and supporting me through Griff jokes.

Sob blub sob

And also not to forget the team of counselors that got me through some of Jayfires jokes.


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2 hours ago, Chelsea14Ian said:

Having had two jabs,stays in hospital. Yet not one good boy sticker.I will try not to throw  my toys out of the pram!:default_icon_evil:

Didn't you get one of these at least?

Also posting to see what occurs.....


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I see I am marked down as a collaborator. That doesn't sound like me, on this forum!  Not a word to conjure with, in French - too much association with the old Vichy Government.

So perhaps I'd prefer "Maquisard". Much more me, and much better than "BA basher", or "usual suspect".

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