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Holiday Tale Checklist

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HI All,

Back from almost 3 weeks out on the broads.

Roughly divided half and half North and South.

1) Weather: Mostly Good with the odd heavy showers (What do you expect in the UK?)

2) Broads: Just like we expected them Pretty Damn Good which is why we choose to take our holidays on the broads :love

3) Enjoyment Factor: High

4) Chill Out Factor: Very Very high indeed

5) Speeding Boats : One (and for the record it was a hire craft) who was intercepted by a Ranger Patrol just past Salhouse, Wroxham bound, shortly after it passed us. Lots of waggy finger factor and shamed faces as we passed. :River Police

6) Abusive Fishermen: One but in all fairness he was abusing the speeding boat above.

7) All Male/Female groups : A few but none to cause any bother. Example was an all male group of 6 who had been enjoying a boys week for over 20 years on the broads engaged in good banter with a pair of women at Neatishead. This contined up to the pub and the following morning we spoke to the Women who were first timers and thoroughly enjoying themselves. They will be back.

8) Boats smashed up damaged and other carnage : None (A few slight bumps when the experienced and inexperienced got it slightly wrong )

9) Drunken behavior : Well that will be me then cheersbar

10) Folk doing stupid things : Me again. example trying to start my engine when it was in gear :oops: Even worse than that succeeding :oops::oops:

11) Inconsiderate Sailys : Very very few. In fact most were very considerate and acknowledged me when I let them pass with a nod or a wave. :Sailing

12) Hooray Henrys in the Bling boats: None (Where were all you Salty Bottoms :naughty::naughty: )

13) Forumites met: A few and it was a pleasure to see old friends and meet new faces.

14) Bad Beer /Poor food : One of each

15 ) Good beer good food: Plenty ( just look at my expanding waistline :oops: )

16) Problems finding Moorings : None

17) Loud music : One early evening an "older " party were playing Cliff Richard a bit loud and the whole moorings were joining in singing and dancing. :party2:

The Northerns as expected this time of year was busy but as stated did not find any problems mooring where we wanted to. Southerns much quieter paticularly The Waveney. OBYS has become one of my favorite spots on the Southerns closley followed by Pyes Mill Loddon. Power boat racing at Outon is becoming more enjoyable now I understand the handicap system better. There did seem to be a few "Full Throttle Freddies " around when it came to mooring but no harm was witnessed. Only once had to take avoiding action to avoid collision and that was on the Narrow section of The Chet when one hirer of a larger boat got it wrong on a bend.The helm was full of apologies. All slow speed stuff so no harm done.

So All in All the usual broads holiday. Very enjoyable and very relaxing. The reason that we have invested a fair lump of money purchasing our own boat(s) and continuing to enjoy our spells on The Broads year after year :clap:clap:clap:clap:clap:Stinky

cheers Rod & Shirley

Looking forward to the next time

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Glad to hear you had a good time Rod and that you did not encounter the problems we seem to hear so much of on the forums . :dance Three weeks must be great :mrgreen::Stinky

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I suspect that is most peoples experience Rod, just the odd few incidents of note per year but in the main mostly without note, will report on our experience after a bit of a broads absence in a couple of weeks.

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And the highlight of the holiday was meeting w44nty,not many have had that pleasure,or even w44nt to.


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