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Sorry about the subject, but i wanted to get peoples attention with an answer tonight if possible.

Can anyone tell me what Marina's, places etc are worth staying for a night or two on the northern part of the broads.

I can then find the Tel No.s for booking on the web.

Many thanks.

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Hi Grant, how`s the car going?. I can`t think of any actual marina`s, as being a hirer, we tend to stick to public moorings and boatyards. If you`re looking for a quiet picturesque mooring for a couple of nights with leccy (i think?), then Summercrafts yard in Wroxham (actually in Hoveton) is always a favourite of ours. I`m sure they will be happy for you to moor there, as i`ve spoken to private boat owners who`ve been moored there before, though i would imagine Fridays and Saturdays would be unlikely. There`s also Sutton Staithe boatyard, who may let you stay for a couple of nights?. How are you for bridge clearance, as that might enable you to get under Wroxham bridge and go up to Coltishall, but if you`re looking for boat facilities, you may be able to stay at Belaugh boatyard, though i don`t know their name. Don`t forget there is plenty of bankside mooring on al the northern rivers, so if you want peace and quiet, it`s worth considering. Regards and best wishes .......................... Neil.

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Hi Neil,

Hope you both are well and thanks for the info

Car is good thanks, comes off the road at the end of September though.

Wroxham Bridge......... Went there last year (didn't attempt to go under though) Not too sure if we will fit to be honest.

If we can, then everything has to come down including the Radar Arch, which is a bit of a pain.

According to the clearance shown on the marker at the bridge, i have seen it at just over 7ft and we are approx 6.6 ft to the top of our front windows.

But the bridge is not sqaure and we more or less are, so i really don't know. I think it would be a case of if we hit the tell tales, then back off basically.

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He's already on the river Jim, and I'll be joining him tomorrow. :)

We stayed a couple of night at Ferry Marina last year, and I guess we'll be looking to do the same this week.

Very handy having the two marinas as part of the same company. :)


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Yes it does :)

Horning Ferry Marina and the WRC are part of the same company/group, and there is a reciprocal agreement between the two marinas, whereby berth holders at the WRC can use the facilities at Horning Ferry, and visa-versa, on a short term stopover basis.

That is of course assuming that there are spare berths available at the time.

With Ferry Marina, it would be best to avoid weekends, as this the main change-over period for the hire fleet.

I phoned Ferry today, and booked a couple of berths for Wednesday and Thursday night.

You'll find the staff there are every bit as friendly and helpful as those at the WRC :)


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