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Check Your Own Bed Linen - Really?

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16 hours ago, grendel said:

the cam belt was done because I asked for it to be done, I asked when it was last done and it was just coming up to the 10 years when it would need to be done (10 years or 150,000 miles on that model), they found what they thought was the injectors was the turbo, because they tested it, the issue with volvos is that generic testers dont give the same detail as the volvo one does and volvo wont issue them to non volvo garages,

you are correct when you say most dealers would not get involved in these types of thing, the fact that this dealerwont let a car go out until its 100% in my eyes is a bonus, not a red flag, they could as easily have sold me the car and not mentioned any of the faults they have, but they didnt.

Enjoy your new car and if your happy with your purchase that's all that matters. Honk honk....

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