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through hull fittings

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i've pulled the boat out for work etc and none of my hull fittings have taps that work :o

so while it's out i want to sort all them out, but i have a few questions please

i have twin ford 2700 straight 6 diesel engines, do i need the scoop fittings? or can i just replace them with normal flat fittings (with taps ob lol )

also the sea toilet will need 2 holes as the loo used to be in the front but i've moved it to the back (hence more holes to be filed as in other thread lol)

is it best to have a scoop fitting for this? as i noticed on out journey down it was struggling to bring the water up (altho it did have to pull it quite some distance altho it's fine when we're standing still)

also whats best these days plastic or bronze for these fittings?

also i think i need strainers on my engines don't i? if so what sort please

(sorry as you can tell i've never even looked at this sort of thing before)

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right just ordered all the fittings with strainers and 1/4 turn shut off valves etc

so at least it'll be safe now in the event of a failure

one question though please if i may is what do you use to seal the fittings?

on the ones i took off it looked like plumbers mate was used.......

is that the right kind of stuff to use on all the hull under water fittings?


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It's simple - for insurance purposes use SIKA 291 or 292 (BLACK) below the waterline for all purposes. The numbers 291 and 292 refer to the uktraviolet retardation of the product. :wave

don,t use silicone below the waterline ,if you do sink your insurance won,t payout!! :wave

guide price... http://www.uksealants.co.uk/product.asp ... 4QodqhX60w

Forgot to add use ptfe on the threads with a small wipe of the sealant on the last two threads.

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