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Return to The Broads


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After three years away we decided to have a return visit to get our Broads membership renewed :grin:

It was an opportunity to catch up with some friends we don't get much time to see these days on their home turf.

So what were our impressions:

Terrifically busy everywhere we went although many people said it had not been so perhaps we picked peak weeks.

Quality of food in the pubs we eat at was very good these included:

Bear & Bells - Back to its Best

Coldham Hall - Good food and Beer

The Ferry - Stokesby

These establishments look to have really raised their games.

Our journey up has a 1.5-1.8 metre swell but at 7 second intervals it was fine until we got to Southwold when the wind (northerly) got up from nowhere (squalls) to 5 gusting 6 with the normal north sea short chop. This saw us punching it up to Lowestoft and making a fine approach to avoid a direct beam sea.

Pagodas at Orfordness


http://www.bbc.co.uk/suffolk/dont_miss/ ... ford.shtml

Running Up the Beach!


Entering Lowesoft


I think the Colvic in the background is Chris of this manor

Tender Fun at Beccles


Paul - Swordfish and his Ship


As outlined the food at Coldham Hall was very good and just look at the entertainment they laid on :o


Stokesby another surprisingly good watering hole


Stokesby Sunset


It was then on to Ranworth where we tucked ourselves away on the Island and had a very enjoyable few days. We met up with Ian & Liz (Palmtree) Jim & Maxine (The Topaz) but also found other old friends dropped in too.

Jim being 'mine host'



Putting the world to rights


So that's what the hole is for


Kings of the BBQ




I must say Karen & Mike's BBQ was very impressive and topped the 'Which' test.



Early the next morning I was woken not by Hire Boat engines but a wooden clacking much like an oversized Woodpecker; this is the sight that greeted me


and progressed to this



Well they were from Belgium!

A very pleasant

communal breakfast ensued



Very good to meet Simon again


Ian & Liz took Tamara for a sail but the wind really was not playing


While Kingfisher like Thunderbird two disgorged a flappy thing from its 'pod'




All too soon it was time to make our way back south but meeting up with friends again was a great weekend - thanks guys

David putting his Radar Arch down 'on the fly'


Waiting to Lock out


The journey back was the sort as a motor boat you dream of

This is how we like to see the exit from Lowestoft


No overfalls at Orford


Pot hunting was the order of the day - some trailing 30ft of warp............... good job it was calm.


Just shows you what beaching legs allow you to do!


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No problems. I had half fallen asleep waiting for that bridge! :yawn:

We were heading off to London. First stop was in Shotley then up the Thames on Tuesday. I must post some pictures when I manage to get them resized.

I believe some of the others are up there at the moment.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks Bing Bong (or should we call you Avon :naughty: )

I like where possible to put a few snaps with my posts when I can, to brighten things up a bit.

What I did not add was that when we were moored at Dutch Tea Gardens we heard a Bittern from 0500 until 0730, he was really doing a fair shift.

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Probably one of the most thought provoking sounds in Norfolk and Suffolk, I used to live near the reedbeds on the Wrentham to Southwold road, and was about 1/4 of a mile from a nest site. We would sit in the garden listening to the Bittern proclaiming his territory and calling a mate, magical stuff.

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Some great photos of the trip - Perry can I ask what camera you have? is it an 'all in one' (modern day equivalent of a kodac instamatic) or something a little more complicated? I have a little Sony thing but have got dust inside the lens and so looking for a new one and impressed with the clarity of the images you've posted! cheers

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It is a Canon G11 Gav.

Thread here: http://www.thenorfolkbroads.net/phpBB3/ ... g11#p87970

I have a couple of SLR's including a Canon 1D Mk111 but I have to be honest and say these days 90% of what I take are with the G11. I wanted a Point & Squirt that was robust (and it is with a metal body) had the same functionality as an SLR i.e AV/TV and manual for a bit more creativity. I am very please with it and while when I bought it it was a bit more expensive than a normal P&S but for me it has been worth it, I guess it comes down to what functionality you need.

A G12 was launched but the consensus was it was not a big improvement.

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I think I need to upgrade my old Olympus Mu4 camera as it just does not seem to produce decent pics anymore. It was fine back in 2004 when new but despite playing around with the settings, it can produce some weird results :?

Thanks for the link Perry!

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Great pics Perry!

It was a pleasure to catch up with you & Tina, David & Rachel and Jim & Maxine. And of course Ian & Liz (but we do see them more often being in the same area :) ) We had a great weekend with you all and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The "communal" eating (and drinking) went down a treat, breakfast in particular! Hope you 4 adventurers had a good trip thereafter.

Am impressed with your camera - I have still not quite got to grips with my 450D yet, in certain situations...

Thanks again for a great time - those sort of boating get-togethers when a few folks meet up and talk boaty things, put the world to rights and have a few drinks and a laugh, are the best :)

Let us know when you next venture up our way again.


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It was good to see you and Mike again too Karen, a really great weekend, even the weather was good, so good that I ended up with sunstroke. It all seems like such a long time ago now.

We will of course let you know when we are able to stand the stress of it all again. :naughty:

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