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Which Pub?


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No idea where this was from but the menu looks more than a tad pretentious. Interesting to see the use of "exotic" ingredients like kangaroo, shark's fin and "real" corn on the cob.  Also surprising is that the ham and chicken Maryland cost more than the fillet steak.  

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I may be going off piste a bit, but I can hardly remember meals of the 60's or 70's. I was usually full of Red Barrel ( a lovely brew).Prawns in the basket for me old mawther, a Cherry B or a Baby Champ and  Surf and Turf for me. As a special treat a bottle of the Franz Rey Liebfraumilch or a Niestiener Gutas Domtal to really impress.

But the Sunday lunch time tonsil rinse in Norfolk was magical. In Thorpe St Andrew the families and friends gathered, The Red Lion, The River Gardens, The Kings Head, The Buck. Before you was a feast. Nuts, Pineapple, Cheese, Olives, Biscuits, Onions, An enormous selection of thirst enhancers. They would indulge until 2 pm. Then we would stagger home for Sunday Lunch. Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pud. 

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The menu came from the Acle Bridge Inn (I scanned it from the 1965 Broads Book), but it seems Norman Chalk had other restaurants in the Broadland Area.

The following is a post on this forum from Norman's son in 2014. I don't remember any of the other restaurants though:

"Further to your question regarding Norman Chalk's restaurant, I am his son, unfortunately he died about 12 years ago but he did certainly have several restaurants in this area. The one in Reedham was I believe initially in an old hall which he had used as collateral for a bank loan, the bank manager was rather annoyed when he then knocked this hall down to put a new building up so the collateral had disappeared! the phone number was I think Freethorpe 343 which was tricky to say after a pint or two! He had the Mariners at Winterton I think as well as a restaurant in a barn on the carpark of Acle Bridge Pub and then the thatched cottage in Acle Village which became Acle Cottage Restaurant, then Grumpys which now is the Olive Tree.  
I hope this reaches any interested parties and would be very happy furnishing any further information if I can. 
Cris Chalk"



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1 hour ago, Wussername said:

Many young men from norfolk worked on the oil rigs in those days. I may be wrong but I thought that Norman Chalk was involved with offering a catering service to the rigs.

According to his son Cris he did go into catering for the oil rigs after his restaurant days.

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