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Price Hike Abroad


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Hi Andrew, the prices for the NB fleet are already set and on sale. They don't seem to have dropped much from 2021 though. In terms of holidays abroad, Ryanair's O'Leary is obviously looking at the poor English summer and the fact that restrictions on overseas travel should be eased or eliminated for 2022, and forecasting a rush for holidays abroad as a result. You don't need a crystal ball to work that out, and it's the reverse of what's happened with UK holiday over the last two years. 

I'm still not convinced it's a free run down to holidays abroad next year though. While a large proportion of the world's population remains unvaccinated, there is still the possibility of a new variant emerging, which will turn all those forecasts upside down. Changes to the vaccines we are given should account for them, but there is, it appears, at least a six month lag for them to be changed and introduced. I can remember thinking this time last year, that next summer would see things get back to normal, in terms of holidays....then the Delta variant turned up!

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The other point may be that prices for UK holidays had already gone up while they expected bumper bookings this year and needed to make up for the lockdown months over the last two seasons. I know I’ve been surprised at the prices being charged for some boats now. 

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I wouldn't believe to much of what old MOL has to say, his just trying to panic ppl into booking a seat on his airline. The jury is still out on overseas travel for 22. We have the winter to get through yet and all that could potentially bring. I think your see prices rise all round here in the UK. We've just tried to book a Premier Inn in Cornwall for next Sept. A two night stay is already 346 pounds. WOW. 

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17 minutes ago, andyg said:

  . . . . . . . I think your see prices rise all round here in the UK. We've just tried to book a Premier Inn in Cornwall for next Sept. A two night stay is already 346 pounds. WOW. 

The week we had in Cornwall earlier this year was one that was postponed from last year, due to the pandemic obviously, at last years prices.  Whilst we were there, I looked at booking the same unit again for next year and found that the price had increased from £550 to £850 for the equivalent week at the end of June into July. We’ll have a couple of weeks on our boat instead, then!!


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I booked a very comfotable cottage on the St David's Peninsula in Oct 2019 for Sept 2020 for just £648 for the week. By coincidence I had an e-mail this morning offering a cancellation at the same property, £876 for just 3 nights! 

No thankyou, anyway St Davids is a very long way from NE Norfolk for just what is effectively two days holidaying.

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21 minutes ago, Matt said:

I had two weeks in a Villa in Rhodes last month for a similar price* to which NBD were asking last minute for a weekend on one of their newest and finest

Can quite imagine it Matt, but in fairness, prices for overseas are artificially depressed because of the hoops you need to jump thorough to get there. If/when the need for PCR testing and traffic light notifications are abolished, watch the prices shoot up! (and maybe, see the UK prices fall as a result).

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We are due to go to a cottage in Minehead week Friday, which we'd originally booked for May last year. There are seven of us sharing the cottage, so the original cost of just over £1,200 seemed quite reasonable split between us. When we postponed to May this year we got a refund of just over £100, then we had to postpone again and paid just over £200 more for the September week of our choice. I've looked at May and September for the same cottage next year and the price has been hiked to over £2k! I think we have had a bargain!

I got a call from the owner today, as she contacts all the renters personally to given them the low down on the cottage, that's a first and very encouraging. As Graham said earlier...only ten more sleeps to go!


On a different tack, I wonder how we'll fare this autumn, given that more and more people seem to be behaving as if it's all over? Are we due a resurgence? One of our holiday party (my cousin's wife) has a friend who works for the Ambulance Service in North Wales. The friend caught Covid last year and has now caught it a second time, not as badly fortunately, though she still hasn't recovered taste and smell properly after the first time. So I don't think we are out of the woods yet.

Despite that, I'm quite looking forward to having my first meeting with a small number of colleagues on campus this coming Friday morning. The first time I've been to a face to face work meeting since the first lockdown.  We've been sent a list of strict instructions, including not to close windows and doors in the meeting room, and not to move the (socially distanced) furniture, so I think I'll feel quite safe. I've started a new job (12 month secondment) this month, so it will be nice to meet new colleagues face to face for the first time. 

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I think most people in the travel and hospitality businesses are desperately trying to claw back as much cash as possible to cover the earnings they lost due to Covid. Coupled with this, there are staff shortages in many areas, which means that, in order to fill vacancies, businesses need to pay staff more, the cost of which is incorporated into future prices. 

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