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Introducing My New Mistress To My Old Haunts


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After an exhausting day spent transferring far too much chattel from Cerise Lady to our new boat (currently still named Sheer Elegance) we overnighted at Barnes in Wroxham , I grabbed a cab in the morning so I could pick up the car to off load the boxes etc used in the packing transfer of our “stuff” then we set off downstream for Ranworth .

We were spotted by Nipper in Horning whilst avoiding tacking yachts so were a bit late in the wave , apologies Doug.

Managed to secure the last available space at Ranworth , moored up with all the ability of a first time hirer who ignored the yards instructions , I’m too used to twin engines and the way Cerise Lady handled but we didn’t hit anything and got in .

off to Womack water today 


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I really envy you being in the position to load all your "Stuff" off Cerise Lady onto Sheer Elegance. I'm itching to transfer all ours onto our newly acquired boat then she will truly feel like ours. But I can't see that happening until the Spring as there is a lot of work going to be done on her and stuff would only get in the way. Plus we want to give her a thorough clean  once all the work is completed and the less stuff on board the easier that will be. So I'm just going to have to be patient.




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We travelled gently early dawn upstream and headed for Womack water , space available at the staithe so moored up , eventually ( getting better) , and settled for the day .

Spent a wonderful day in the company of a couple on a hire boat , the crew of Jemaki drove by on their way home lovely to see you both , barbecue in the evening with a glass or two shared with the couple moored alongside , music playing , wonderful evening in their company , now time to pack up , a quick coffee then head down for a restful sleep .

off home tomorrow , new job for me starts on Wednesday , but back afloat in two weeks .

missing Cerise Lady but loving our new home from home and the additional comforts she offers .

hope to see you all afloat soon 

simon and Katie 

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Left Womack this morning at 11:00 , and slowly cruised , roof up , in a mild sprinkling of rain , destination Gayes staithe then back to the wet shed .

currently moored up at Gayes , rain picked up so sheltering inside .

Wonderful first three night aboard our new lady with many many more to follow.

So far at least 5 interested parties have viewed Cerise Lady  , no firm offer yet though.

below a few pics Katie took over the last few days 








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 Fingers crossed Cerise Lady will sell quickly.  Can’t imagine she will hang about for long. 

Not been able to moor at Gayes this year as its always been full and we need the side on moorings.

Careful on the way home. Its been torrential rain all day. 

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Hi Simon. Just read the specification online for Sheer Elegance aka Pipedream, absolutely fabulous  Should be the cleanest boat on the broads with wet shed mooring and full winter cover.

I remember earlier this year helping you out of the corner berth at Ranworth with an onshore wind, no problem now with bow and stern thrusters like us!

Look forward to seeing her.


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