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whats it like now??


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as i have said previously

its been ten years since i was last on the

broads....then it was just about starting as a popular

all male all female stag/hen do

different experiance type

is it any differerant nowadays/better/worse

or should i watch where i moor

ps i am all for people having fun

but even in them days they could be

a pest if moored near them :River Police:River Police

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It’s no better and no worse than it has been for a long time, people’s perception changes but I certainly don’t see any major problems on the broads and probably a lot less than you would find in many holiday areas on a similar buget. If you like a peaceful time then try to mudweight or moor at a secluded spot and hire a tender which can be great fun and allows you to explore a bit more. Moorings near pubs tend to be a bit less quiet but probably a lot less noisy than if you parked a camper van in a busy pub car park, which in effect is what you are doing when you moor at a pub.

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Hi Chip

You do get the odd more boisterous party but it really isn’t a major problem and I wouldn’t say its got worse – its just that any problems can get aired over the internet these days, which can make it seem worse that it is. Bear in mind any moorings near a pub could be slightly noisier but really there isn’t anywhere to avoid as such. I’ve been hiring on the Broads since 1975 and not had any significant problems. Relax and enjoy!


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People havn't changed much in the last 50 years (not in Norfolk anyway). So you won't notice much different.

What seems to have changed is the increasing number of people who spend all their time taking photos of others, who they perceive as behaving badly, so they can post them on-line and have a really good winge ......

They're too noisy!!

They're going too fast!!

They're creating too much wash!!

They're "hire craft" people!! what scum.

They're on a day boat!!! even bigger scum.

They're on a sail boat!!!!!!!! They should be culled.

As I said things have changed much ..... we are wingeing Poms after all.

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People havn't changed much in the last 50 years (not in Norfolk anyway). So you won't notice much different..

Except perhaps for things like:

There have been quite a few changes in the boats that are out (the average size is now much bigger!).

Potter Heigham bridge has got lower, (or is it just more difficult to get through it?)...

There are a lot more boats chasing the available moorings.

There are now boats chasing the few electric points available, bring back the oil lamps!

There are some all electric (or should I say "gas less") boats out that must have power to cook, run the jaccussi,

or even to boil a kettle so they NEED to run their engines at odd hours

(and that is after the BSS has made boats a lot safer than they were)....

Sound systems and getto blasters have become more portable...

So it isn't only the "party" boats that make noise sometimes!

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