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Guest Cattleya

where can I launch a small dinghy?

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Hi all, I just got a small sailing dinghy and am really keen to give it a go on one of the Broads. I see I can buy a short term licence to do this, but what about launching? Are there any suitable places to launch a 12ft dinghy close to one of the Broads?

The BA have a list on their website, but these seem to be boatyards on the rivers. All I need is either a slipway or somewhere I can park nearby and lower the dinghy in.

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Reedham Ferry, Broadland Holiday Village at Oulton, Waveny River Centre, Beccles Yacht Station, that's the South but I'm sure somebody will advise Norrthern ones and perhaps more Southern ones too.

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All I need is either a slipway or somewhere I can park nearby and lower the dinghy in.

Don't forget that you will need to recover it as well...

Sliding a dinghy over a quayside is a lot easier than pulling all that weight back up again.

(especially as it may be half-full of water by that time... :lol:

(says someone who once managed to capsize a sailing dinghy whilst getting out of it when it was tied up at Ranworth) :oops:

There is a thread on the forum for slipways...


Rockland St Mary and Hickling have public slips with a broad nearby...

This doesn't mention the various sailing clubs etc who might also let you use their facilities for a small fee

(or find a mate who is a member and get him to go with you).

All I can say is that if you are new to flappy things,

1) Launching somewhere public might prove embarassing for a first timer, e.g. the Horning public slipway next to the Swan Inn .

2) Make sure that you have some oars as well (useful for getting out of the trees etc) but make sure thay are secured in the dinghy

3) I always like South Walsham Broad for sailing a dinghy as it is nice and quiet and less embasasing when you make a whoopsy.

(compare it to Malthouse Broad (Ranworth) or Barton Broad and you will see what I mean)

but I have always towed the dinghy there behind a cruiser...

4) Remember to put the bung in before launching! (I borrowed a laser to try it out before I bought my own but when I launched my new one

for the first time there was a hole where the other one had a optional self bailer..:oops::oops: )

5) If you can't find a suitable launching site, find a mate with a power-boat, launch in their boat-yard

and then get them to tow your dinghy to a suitable spot to try sailing.

(That way you will also have a rescue boat on hand if thing go really belly up)

6) Please wear a life-jacket when out in the dinghy, capsizes and thumps from the boom are fairly common especially whilst learning!

Good Luck



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Thanks, that's great.

Yes I'm new to sailing. The dinghy is I'm told very difficult to capsize, so I'm hoping not to spend too much time in the water, but will of course wear a life jacket or buoyancy aid. I have a 27 foot motor boat, but sadly not on the Broads. That's why I got a go anywhere sailing dinghy.

I have an electric outboard I can pop on the back if it's a way from a slipway to a nice sailing area, but it seems the BA charge double for a sailing dinghy with engine.

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The dinghy is I'm told very difficult to capsize.

Do we add this to the set of "Famous last words", I hope not

I held my dinghy club's capsize record for many years, (and may still do so as I left them many years ago)

I capsized my Laser SEVEN times and still finished the race (I didn't win!)

(They didn't count the time I retired after 10 capsizes, you had to finish for it to count!)

My worst capsize was when I inverted my Laser (i.e. right upside down), but the capsize wasn't the problem, it was the fact that the depth was just about the height of the mast..

All was well until I climbed up to right her and pushed the mast into the bottom, oops! :oops::oops:

The Laser is a shaped bathtub with a sail, and not very forgiving, but I find the little lug-sail dinghies some hire companies let you rent are actually even more tricky..

But the Laser has inherrent bouyancy, capsize a Norfolk lug, right her, and you actually have to bail her out before you get back in,

and the hire cmpanies don't supply a bailer...

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