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Now that's a "how long is a piece of string" question if ever there was one! It depends on how much you pay and where you hire from. The brand new top-of-the-price-range boats now will often have 240V with shore power and bow thrusters, but the budget end will be the same boats as before, just 10 years older!

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more polluting than an old Routemaster bus! Lol

Ahhh ....... the old routemaster double deckers :bow

Those with loverly long bench seats upstairs ...... ticket collector with his windy machine ...... Convex mirror up the spirally staircase ...... pole dancing on the platform ...... jump on and off whilst moving ........


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Anyway.... back on subject ( can't really complain as it is the lounge after all :naughty: ) as Mark says it really depends on the boat, the difference can be anywhere between none at all, or even a step back or laden with stuff unseen on a hirecraft ten years ago, which boat are you considering?

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well ive booked emerald gem

a 42ft bathtub type as its the easy of fishing

from the large well that attracted me

as well as getting under if possible all the bridges

and all on one level as im taking my disabled mother

along with another couple

the boat seems to have all the right boxes to tick

240v microwave and other bits of nessesary gagets

for todays comforts of home demanded by most people

personaly id like to get back to basics and just enjoy

the broads from a basic gaget free boat

but my wife likes corrie and eastenders so thats a non starter

whatever happend to being in touch with nature and basics :roll::roll::roll::roll:

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